How to Make Fabric on a Loom | The Goods

How to Make Fabric on a Loom | The Goods

I’m making fabric look at this Using a loom was something that I never tried before and today Helen Dryfeld is gonna give
me a lesson on the loom Helen, thank you so much for having
me to your studio here it is incredibly inspiring. So describe what you do and
who you are as an artist I’m an emerging artist and I work primarily with
hand-woven textiles and I create installations, open form sculptures,
sometimes wall based works And then you’ve got some here which to me this
feels very like much like fabric Yeah, basically taking a an image I
photographed and then manipulating it and creating it into cloth. Oh, wow from a photograph then you create this on the loom, I presume, okay. Definitely, so
today we’ll be sampling we will be doing little experiments and those usually
help me inform something larger afterwards Can we meet the loom? Yep, definitely let’s go Before we get started we have to create what are these
called? Those are the warp threads so we have to
set them up and we’re gonna do that just over here We’re basically choosing or setting our length for our textile right now, okay Now your turn I’m gonna give this a try and I’m going You’re gonna go over top Over top yep Over top Over top It’s like doing like an infinity Ohhhh So under Over Over.. yeah you got it yeah Infinity Infinity, I get it So now that we’ve
created our length of our thread for the warp we’re now going to go set it up on
the table loom We have here the harnesses which are like neighborhoods
and then we have our citizens which are the hetal’s Does each thread go through a citizen Yes Okay and then what do we have here
in the end? And then here we have the reed and each thread goes through each
of these slots which is called a dent I noticed that every thread has gone
through every reed you need to do that? You can skip some so that’ll create a
more open weave or a tighter weave So here we have the floor loom it’s already
been set up there’s a header here can be any type of material it just basically
makes it ready to weave. You have your boat shuttle with the bobbin already wound with the fabric or the yarn rather And you’re gonna press down on one and three at the same time So like an organ these pedals Exactly You got it And then
you’re gonna pass it through and then you’re gonna take the beater which is
this and you’re gonna smush the threads and then you’re gonna keep it smushed
and then switch to the two and four on the bottom there Then you want to move
it back and you’re gonna go back through again Then you slide it through again Slide it through again So basically at this point
it’s all about repetition correct? At this point yea Can I just say that this
would take me 17 years to create a hand towel I’m making fabric look at this I’m making fabric So I think I’ve got the hang of this, can we switch up the colours? For sure How much do you think I could get for
this piece? I don’t know it’s yours to keep so do it for free today I’m gonna
sell this online so here I’m gonna continue on because I got to make a
duvet cover out of this if you don’t mind Sounds good, I’ll leave you to it Just leave the keys
as well I’ll be here for a while

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  1. What kind of loom is this? And do you have a link to where i could learn how to both build one and use it?

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