How to Make Fire Cloth

How to Make Fire Cloth

hey guys Eric here from tactical intelligence done net today what I want to show you is another method of making a tinder like something that you can start a fire easily with some of you guys might be familiar with like cotton balls and Vaseline driver lint that sort of thing right but you know recently I attended this food storage conference and this gentleman by the name of Leon Hamburg he he owns common-sense survival calm great guy he really knows his stuff with bullish survival great some great articles that I've known about a site for a while now but he was there as well and he actually gave me something that I remember seeing on the site a while back he used to sell them I don't know if he sells them anymore but they say these sheets of this kind of like wax paper that he makes and essentially it's it's cloth that's impregnated with with wax and I was trying to figure out how how he put this together but I found some stuff on a forum but it seemed like it's a mixture of paraffin wax and beeswax so beeswax is actually really soft and it's sticky it's not something that's good by itself pear and by itself this is really stiff so you know combining the two you get a semi flexible kind of wax material so I wanted to test it out today to see if I could make some of this stuff basically what you need is um you know some paraffin wax and get gulf wax or whatever from you get this at a hardware store self grocery stores for cami different things like that and some beeswax now you can get these wax it's kind of expensive but one of the cheaper ways to get it actually is just one of these toilet little rings that you get for it's when you're installing or fixing the toilet if you create the seal so basically all that stuff is beeswax you're not putting it making fires of it I wouldn't worry so much about the quality but that's pretty much all you need is some paraffin wax some of this beeswax stuff and some cloth basically this cloth it was an old white dress shirt that I had but you want something that will easily tear because you're gonna be we're making a fire tearing off little sheets of this stuff and enlighten it so let's take a look and go through the process of making and we'll see if we can make something work for us alright so let me just explain the setup here I just have a little Pyrex Bowl I get some water heating up in the Google Pot cream essentially I don't have a true double boiler so I'm kind of improvising here but basically and you could put this directly in the pot that you're gonna have to be really careful because um beeswax from what I read has a pretty low flash point so you wanna if you put in double boiler it's never gonna get hotter than you know the boiling point of water so if you're at sea level that's 212 degrees Fahrenheit so once that starts heating up I'm gonna put some of this paraffin in there and let that melt and then I'm gonna try to add equal mouths equal amounts of paraffin and beeswax and test out dipping it with some of the some of the cloth and just to see how see how it turns out so all right so the paraffin wax is actually all melted in here so I'm gonna try to just eyeball this but in put it equal amounts of beeswax I'm just taking a fork throwing this in here I have to take this out all right so the both met waxes are melted trying to see if there's actually a separation it seems like they're pretty uniform so basically what I'm gonna do is just start dipping this this cloth in here now just a word of advice at least with this shirt some shirts you know they don't tear easy one way but they tear easy the other way so basically I'm gonna be dipping this whole thing and then cutting it in this this direction so that I can have these little strips that I can tear off what I need when I want to make a fire so let's just dip this in here so if you get no nerves in your fingers like me you can just pick it up with your hands otherwise they use a fork or something so it looks like the cloth is pulling up wicking up this wax actually gonna do a few few dips let it cool off a little bit and then dip it in again just to get a thicker penetration all right so I'm just going to let this hang dry for a little bit and we'll test it up all right so we're done we have a few sheets of this fire cloth so to speak one thing to note when I was testing this stuff out it doesn't work too well with like a Ferro rod so I was trying it out with the Ferro rod you know the thing that makes Sparks and this guy it's it's kind of hard to even even with me on stuff you can fluff it up a little bit cause you really need to have something more like cotton or fibers material like it's plant a natural plant material that's really fibrous and fluffy and you can do it a little bit with his stuff as well as this but it's it's difficult you're wasting a lot of strikes trying to get that thing going so it's really ideally suited for a lighter and so I usually have a lighter with me anyways for my GBC kit here I also have matches the you know waterproof paraffin dip matches and some of the strike them on so again you need some flame source to get this stuff working but I can just demonstrate really quick so if you do have a flame source it's actually these work really well you know it lasts for a long time it'll burn for a long time so you just only need little tear off little sheets of this stuff and it will you can start a fire with it even in inclement conditions so let me pull that guy out one thing though I want to show you that I kind of like better then this stuff that I figured out on my own but the reason to just give you some back were why I like this stuff is I tried to have us just a little teeny EDC kids about the size of a really small cell phone and I wanted something more flat to fit into the EC get this stuff is actually really good it just fits in it's very thin doesn't take up a lot of space I used to have a you know Vaseline coated cotton balls that go in there it would make everything slimy in they work perfect they work awesome but I didn't like how it made everything slimy this stuff actually when it dries it's not really sticky at all and because it has a paraffin and beat beeswax and wax mixed you're getting a good flexibility and the good stiffness from you know the properties of both of those waxes so what I kind of figured out and I'll show you this kind of fire cloth right so let's just take a cotton ball put it in that same mixture cotton ball will soak up actually quite a bit I just tried to quickly dip it I don't try to completely saturate it and what I'll do is I'll put it on a piece of wax paper or parchment paper you can see it already so and then just take a rolling pin and pull the parts and step onto it itself and then just squeeze you out you just kind of flatten the material so I'm gonna let that cool off just for a little bit open it up and show you what's inside of it all right let's cool talking cooled off a little bit you see what this just a nice match so it makes a really nice thin piece of kind of fire clapping and just just similar to this stuff but the benefit of this but I like it a little bit more is that it ignites with your with your Ferro rod so you can just kind of break it apart in it and you can get to the fluffy stuff inside just like you would with the Vaseline coated cotton balls so make sure some of that fluff is uh shore it up and you can just take a little bit whatever you need just take this little portion and see you can see if my hands actually kind of sticky right now this get some nice fluffed up material here and just strike it with your fur a rug but I think I think you get the picture so again it's going to burn for quite some time just a small little piece of that stuff and they have

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  1. the ferro rod works great with the second option (wax and cotton). The advantage for me is that it's not greasy/messy like the vaseline — which always made a mess in my kit. This wax is dry and flexible and not greasy.

  2. Great Ideas Erich! Here is another. Do you have chap stick in your EDC? If so, just add a cotton ball to your kit. When the time comes smoosh chap stick into the cotton ball for a firestarter. That way you don't have the mess of an already saturated cotton ball. Another option is have the vaseline cotton ball inside a very small jewelry ziploc, they come VERY small.

  3. This is interesting. I don't know that it would suit my needs but maybe for the non travel EDC it would be ok. I can't carry lighters on planes so feral rod is it. I appreciate the honesty of the feral rod not being great at getting it lit. Couple of questions:
    What advantage does this offer over the cotton/lint and Vaseline?
    How does it doing trying to light it in the wind? That is very important to me here in Oklahoma

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