How to Make Instant Dress Shirt Collar Stays – Men’s Style Video Tips

How to Make Instant Dress Shirt Collar Stays – Men’s Style Video Tips

Hi, I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of
Real Men Real Style. And today I’m going to be talking about instant collar stays.
So what are collar stays? Well, collar stays, bones, whatever people want to call them.
These little tabs that you know sometimes made from metal, sometimes made from a precious
metal. Most of the time they’re made from plastic and they fit inside of a collar point.
And they’re found on higher quality shirts and what they do is they allow the collar
points to remain pointing. So that’s a whole use of them. You can iron a shirt collar only
so much and you can starch it and usually within a couple of hours so it’s going to
start to roll. These prevent the roll. The problem with shirt collar stays is they’re
very easy to lose. That’s why I try to own only the precious metal ones but do own a
– some metal ones. I also own probably more plastic ones. I like the plastic ones because
even if I wash the shirts with stays, no damage is going to happen but what happens if you’re
travelling or if you find yourself in a position and you cannot find your collar point stays
and you’re going in an important meeting. You can’t get – you don’t have time
to iron the shirt and you just don’t want it rolling throughout the day. How can you
ensure that this quality dressier that you spent maybe a couple of hundred dollars on
does not let you down? That it maintains a nice great point because as you know the shirt
collar frames the face and you wanted to look good.
Well, in order to get an instants’ plastic stay all you have to do is go find an old
expired credit card or some type of plastic, I don’t know, food card from some type of
grocery store. And basically cut it the point. From here to a little point at the end, next
thing you know instant shirt collar stay. So there you have it. How to get an instant
shirt collar stay? Make sure to remove them before you wash it as it – you know, if
there’s a little bit of collar in there you may actually have some pleading on a white
shirt, that’s not what you want. But it is a quick, down and dirty alternative to
actually having your collar points roll up. And that’s a style tip from Antonio here
at Real Men Real Style and stay tuned we’ll be putting quite a few more of these. And
if you want more information about timeless men’s style, visit our website got a lot
of information there. Take care, bye.

23 Replies to “How to Make Instant Dress Shirt Collar Stays – Men’s Style Video Tips”

  1. Your pocket is on the right and your lapels are assymetrical. Are these your personal touches? They're great. Your videos are the business!

  2. @4lougehrig Good catch – they are. I design my own clothing and like to experiment on my clothes before offering it to clients. It's the details that make a great look!

  3. There's a good chance that, if you open a desk drawer, you'll find a pair of paperclips that are just the right length for your shirt collar.

  4. You mentioned his lapels are not symmetrical…. what you are seeing is one side being a different shape because of the flap with the button hole. That's a style.

  5. I just used a plastic prepaid game card and a pair of scissors to trim it into a collar stay for my shirt. Works nicely, thanks. 

  6. It actually would help if he actually show how to use it as many people never even heard of this.  Also, what if you have a shirt that does not pocket to hold these collar stays??

  7. Hi I'm a new subscriber. I'm looking for something to hold the collar in place when I put it up on a hanger, as my shirts usually gets squashed and hence the collar becomes unsightly, which can then be removed when I want to wear the shirt. Are you aware of any products that do that particular function? All I have been finding is collar stays which I am not particularly looking for.
    Thank you for your style tips by the way, I loved the video on how to roll up sleeves. 

  8. what about a plastic spoon handle. like the free spoons you get it fast food. just break the end off. a little on the thick side though..

  9. Should you leave the collar stays in the shirt when the shirt is hanging up in the wardrobe?

  10. I was just starting to wonder what these things were so I looked it up on your channel and thankfully you cover it here.

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