1. Amber, please invest in a tripod😥 it hurts watching you diy awkwardly because you're holding your camera

  2. 4:37 is no one going to point out that’s Designer is spelled incorrectly? I love Amber and was like… damn she can get away with anything!

  3. Almost 3M 👀👀👀👀

    Please make an especial video for us 💕💕💕 (if you can of course)

    I loved this video so much! Love you Amber 🥰

  4. amber pls do the trying on all of my clothes in my closet challenge

    plss notice me

    and plss give me a shout out to the next or future videos ♡

  5. forget the haters Amber.. I saw all the hard work you put into this mashing up your old video's together perfectly in a short and brief 8 minute video for our veiwing pleasure! that probs took you like 5 hours to put together.. well done gurl! thank you! your work does not go un-noticed!

  6. Wow I love the quality from your new camera 😍😍 I thought you’d use the same camera for the rest of your fabulously frugal life lol

  7. I wish u try a wig or changing ur hair color to honey color lol i wish see u with it love uuuuuu

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