How to make (sew) a fabric pumpkin

How to make (sew) a fabric pumpkin

Hi I’m Angel with and I’m going
to show you how to make this cute scrunched pumpkin perfect for your fall decor. For this
project you will need the following. For this project you will need: 1/4 yard of fleece,
I use cuddle fleece or minky in the example, you’ll need a stick and some twine. Thread,
scissors, and of course a sewing machine, it makes it easy. Alright once you have all
of those items it’s time to get started. First you’re going to print up the free pattern
that’s provided and you’re going to cut out six of the pieces to the pumpkin. Alright now that you have all of those pieces
cut out, it’s time to move to the next step. Next you’re going to do a basting stitch or
a really long running stitch on each side of the pumpkin oval. Once you’ve done that
you’re going to ruche it together or I’d say gather it together so it looks ruched. Once
you’ve done that to all the pieces it’s time to sew it together. Take the pieces right
sides together and on each side sew together. You can see that the pumpkin is now starting
to form right? You’re almost there. When you get to the last piece you’re going to have
the pumpkin inside out and you’re going to sew it part way up leaving about an inch to
an inch and a half gap at the top. Turn it right side out and stuff it full of
whatever you want. You can use batting you can use beans if you want or beads even is
another solution. Once you’ve filled it up you’re going to stitch the gap closed. And
then you’re going to wrap the stick with some twine and put the stick on top. You can either
glue it or you can kind of leave the gap open a little bit and sew it into the gap. Alright, that’s looking good. Now I’ll tell
you, you can wrap the stem in twine if you want to and then put it in but I actually
just like the stick all by itself so I just put the stick in it and it looked great. So
that was it. And you’re finished. You have this adorable cute little scrunched pumpkin
and what I love about it is that it is adorable decor. I got a little boy who is a little
destructive and it’s one of those things he can throw around and play with it and it will
be fine. It will still look good. For more projects and tutorials please check out
All my patterns and tutorials are free. Also be sure to check out the online
shop where you can purchase fabric that I use in the tutorials. Have a great day. Remember
velvet is pretentious. Fleece is fun.

5 Replies to “How to make (sew) a fabric pumpkin”

  1. I was wondering if you could sew the sides together and then pull to gather them?  Thought this might be easier when sewing them together but I'm sure there's a reason not to do it this way…your thoughts?

  2. Angel- What a cute idea! The real stick for the stem makes it even more adorable! As usual, you make it look fun and easy. Thanks for another great tutorial!

  3. I tried making one of the pumpkins and got lost in some of the steps. I wished you would of actually did the steps instead of talking about them. Those are the videos I like the best.

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