How To Make Your Skinny Pants To A Skinny Skirt

How To Make Your Skinny Pants To A Skinny Skirt

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And today we’re going to take apart a pair of skinny jeans and make it into a skinny skirt. There are a couple of things you’re going to need. You will need your sewing machine for this, and you are going to need denim needles. A “90/14 Denim” is really what you need and it will actually say denim on the package. The next thing you’re going to need is coordinating thread. Now this particular pair of jeans the top stitching is actually gray so i will be using a grey thread. However a lot of times the top stitching is gold and you can actually buy a gold top stitching thread for denim. If not you can get the matching color. So basically just match your thread to what the top stitching is going to be on your jeans. The next thing you’re going to need is a marking pencil. This is a is an actual washout pencil and you can get them at your local fabric store and when you do mark it will wash off. The next thing you’re going to need is a good sharp seam ripper because you will need to take apart the inside seam. You’re going to start at the bottom of one leg and you’re going to work up and around to the bottom and that will be the inside. You do not need to do the outside; just the inside seam. So let’s start picking. Okay. now that we have the seam all done and taken apart from the bottom all the way over, we have to take a little bit of the seam here apart because we need to make this line flat. So you’re going to take the pant and if you run your hand along here you’ll actually see where it starts to come in, and that’s where you’re going to stop. So you’re going to take the stitches from here down. And the same with here: When you run your hand along this you’ll see that it sort of comes up here so it’s going to be from here down you’re going to remove those stitches next. You will know when you’ve taken out enough stitching when this will actually fold over and this will lie flat. You should be able to have this completely flat, then you will know that you’ve taken out enough stitching. And you need to have the same for the back, so this must lie very flat. Now in order to know how tight to make this pair of pants here, you need to judge it from up here. The largest part which is just about here right by where the zipper ends, you will take a measurement. That measurement must be down here. So what you will need to do is you are going to pull the pants in, just pull it by hand, and don’t worry about all of this, just tuck it in for now. So if I measure this, it has to be here. That’s what we need right there. Now you don’t want to go any narrower because then you’re not actually able to walk with them. Now you can put a piece of plastic or something hard underneath so that’s easier to lie it down and see exactly how flat it is and also it gives you somewhere to put your pins into. Now let’s flip it over and do the same to the back. So again I’ve taken this measurement and it is going to be the same here so if you need to remove some stitching here so this lies flat, this is the time to do it. So now the pant will lie flat. It’s better if you have to take out a little at a time than to take it all out because every pair of pants is going to be different, So take it a little bit at a time until you know it is exactly the right way. When you look at a pair of jeans you’ll notice that the back seems to be a lot higher than the front. That’s because it’s actually a pair of pants. But when you need to turn it into a skirt you will actually need to make those and make them straight. Hold them, pull them, and straighten them up when you do that you will notice the side seam here will start to actually run into the front. That’s fine because that is the way it’s supposed to be, because a skirt actually will sit equal on your hips or on your waist, depends on where you want it, and when you try it on you will actually notice that that will actually fall straight on your hips. Then you’re going to want to now mark it so you know how long you want your skirt. So trying this on is going to accomplish a couple of things. Number one you’re going to make sure that you have enough size here and you will determine how long you want it and you will notice that it will fit nice on the hips. Once you’ve put one mark on it, which is all you’re going to need, you’re going to be able to measure. So the measurement here you will take and you will measure all the way and you will mark it. So you’re going to go straight all the way and you are going to mark the seam here all the way. Once you’ve marked that seam, you want to give yourself two inches. Mark another two inches and that’s where you’re going to cut it. So the legs have been cut off and I’m ready to put the little piece in on both the front in the back. If you look at the back here, I’ve actually folded the seam allowance in which is originally the seams, and that way I won’t have any raw edges on this side because what I’m going to do is when I finish putting in the piece that’s going to go here I’m actually just going to topstitch on this. And the same is going to go for the front. So now you need to decide What are you going to put in this space? You can actually take the jeans that you have cut off and you can place it in, and you already have the hem mark if you want to use the hemline. So because you know this is already 2 inches your hem is already 2″, this piece of denim is going to go in 2″ higher and you will actually just place it in, make it all nice and flat again, and you will measure the two inches, which usually you’ll be able to see exactly where your mark is. Now once you have done that you would be able to just pin this and actually top stitch right over top of it, and then the hem you will actually tuck in afterwards and it all becomes one piece. But just to show you, you don’t have to add the denim back. You can actually add another piece of fabric. I have here a piece of lace which would look really cute underneath. So again I would put it where my mark is and then I will be able to stitch over that. So I’m going to put the white lace insert here. I already known where my 2″ mark is and what I’ve done is I’ve put a book in between the two layers, and that way i’ll be able to pin on it. If you have a piece of plastic you could plug plastic in, but this way at least I can see exactly where I want my lace. So now I’m just going to pin this right down with the lace attached to it. And I’m going to repeat the same for the back. So the back is pinned in place 2″ up and I’m able to take that out now. I’m going to turn this to the wrong side. Now it’s going to look like you have a lot of fabric in the back and that’s fine because we’ve left that there for you to work with. That will actually come off after. Just pin it out of your way. You’re going to trim it off after then you’re going to do the same to the back. And if this was the denim you would do the same thing with the denim. You’re just going to pin it all through. So now you can see that the stitching has been done. Even though it was only this little piece we needed, this actually stabilizes the piece in the front. Now you can trim this off. If you have a pair of pinking shears that would be great. Pinking shears what it does is it cuts the fabric in a zigzag and it actually prevents it from fraying. So just cut it. So I’ve cut around that seam that I’ve done but I still have this little flap that was from the front of the pants. I’m just going to also cut that little flap off. And that’s all you’re going to do for that. Flip it over and do the same for the back. There’s the cut in the back and now you’ll need to take this piece off. Now you can just turn that right where your marks are and pin along the bottom, following your marks. And do this all the way around. So I’ve pinned right along my 2″ mark and what I’m going to do is I’m going to take this over to the iron and I’m going to press that 2″ mark. So I’ve pressed the seam where the two inch mark was and I’m going to take out the pins. And what I’m going to do is where that line is where it’s been pressed, I’m going to take this corner and I’m going to match it here. So I’m going to come to here. So that fold is there and this is going to come here and you’ll be able to just fold it over like that, and now you’re going to pin here. So now you’re going to have a one inch hem. Take this to the iron and give it a good press. So now you’ve pressed this and you’re just going to need to put the hem in. So you’re just going to take it to the machine and you’re going to sew right along this edge, then do a second stitch just slightly over about a quarter of an inch, so you’re going to have a double edge, just like the rest of the pant. Now you can see I did the two rows of stitching which holds it in very nicely here. You have a nice clean finish and you’re done. So there we have it. Skinny jeans to a skinny skirt. Front and back all done. The hardest decision is going to be what you’re going to put here because you can add whatever you want. That’s what makes it fun and that’s what makes it unique. You can always do this to a pair of shorts you don’t always have to use jeans. However with jeans we always have leftovers that we can find something to do with. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode with me. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, I hope you have a great day. Come back soon and let’s see what we’re sewing next time in my room. Bye for now.

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  1. As always your instructions are very clear and easy, thanks. I have a big stash of denim to practice on for long snowy days here in NH.

  2. Thank you for this video. I’ve want to make a skirt but my attempts many many years ago did not go well. But this video has changed everything,😁😊

  3. Thank you so much for the clear directions. I didn’t have the patience to rip the inner seams so I just cut them. I started my skirt just a few hours ago and it’s already finished. Always wanted a white denim skirt😎

  4. i have a client who wants to have her uniform pants that she does not like, she wants them transform into skirts, Im sure it would work but do we do it the same way as the jeans, or is it done differently

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