16 Replies to “How to Mix & Match + LAYER Clothes when Traveling”

  1. I am going on an 8 day cruise and am going with only carry and a personal item. Harder when there are wardrobe changes throughout the day and formal dinners. My under seat personal item bag has made this possible. When I fly with frontier I pack a whole week in an under seat personal item bag. I rolled my clothes and saved so much space thanks to you!

  2. Great video! Really loved the video length. Informative and not 25 minutes long😉 Some of my travel staples are a Pashmina scarf for the plane and chilly nights at my destination. I have a “travel outfit” of either leggings with a cute tunic style top or dress worn over them along with tights or cute compression socks and cute slip on shoes. The thought of walking barefoot through airport security grosses me out so I ALWAYS wear compression socks or tights when I fly. I also bring a lot of the same clothes that you mentioned too😊

  3. This is where having an all black wardrobe comes in VERY handy. lol. Everything essentially works together. It’s just keeping up with what I feel best wearing so I don’t have to think about it when I’m traveling.

  4. Thank you so much Becca. This has been very helpful. I never thought of packing a dress or two, but that's a great idea. Going to Ireland next year …. must buy some boots!!!

  5. Great practical video. Would like to know how well this fits in a small checked suitcase with all those pairs of shoes…will it all fit with toiletries?

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