How to Organize the Coat Closet or Front Closet

How to Organize the Coat Closet or Front Closet

Hi, everyone. I’m Alejandra from Alejandra.TV.
And in this video, I’m going to show you how to organize your coat closet. But first
if you’re looking to get organized, you can check out my free organizing video series
on my website Alejandra.TV. The link is below. OK. So one of the biggest problems I see with
organizing the coat closet is it’s often a really small closet and you have a lot of
space and it’s being shared by everyone that lives inside the house. So it can be
tough to keep it organized and find what you’re looking for when you need it. So I’m going
to show you exactly how organized my coat closet and hopefully you can grab some tips
that will help you inside your home. OK. So this is my coat closet. I’m so excited
to share with you everything I’ve done here. I feel like this is turning into one of my
favorite closets in the house just because I’ve gone creative, I’ve maximized space
and I can find everything I’m looking when I need it everyday. So let me start in the door and show you exactly
what I did here. So, I kind of like winterize and summerize the closet together so there’s
winter accessories and there’s summer accessories all in one closet. But up here, I just used
over the door hooks for all of the scarves. So, when we’re grabbing a scarf, we just
come in here and we grab it and it’s really easy to put away. Using hooks is just like
so easy, you just come in and you just hang it back up and you’re done. And so, over here I just cut door pockets
to the size that I needed and I put my flip-flops right here for going out like the backyard
or the garage or the front yard or something, just really nice and easy and convenient. And then at the top of the door pocket I just
put – these are like – these clips are like the pool to like hold your towel in place
on the chair and stuff. So like I said, there’s summer things in here and there’s winter
things. So these just stay here because when we’re leaving to go to the pool or something,
they’re easy to grab. And then at the bottom of the door pocket
I just used a Command strip to hold the door pocket in place so there’s no swinging when
you open and close the door. So yeah, it just stays in place. And then at the very bottom of the door, I
put a jumbo – this is the utility hook size Command strip and it holds up to I think it’s
like 7.6 pounds or something. It holds a lot of weight. But I put all my reusable bags.
Actually, I have reusable bags in like multiple places in the house where I conveniently access
them. And one of the spots is the coat closet. So I just come here, grab it, when I’m done
using it, I can just put it back in here. There’s also some inside the garage as well. OK. So let me show you what’s in the back
of the closet here. So, right here is where we have all of our jackets and coats. Ed normally
hangs his jackets on the left side and I’m normally on the right side. And as you can see, we don’t have a lot
of coats like jam-packed in here. I feel like when your closet is too jam-packed it’s
hard to put things away. It’s hard to find things and so it’s just easier if you have
less stuff. So, we have a few extra hangers for when guests
come, we can hang up their coat. And I like to use these wooden hangers because they’re
just like they’re really sturdy for heavy winter jackets. We just got these at IKEA.
I’ve actually had these for like over 10 years and they are like – they don’t fall
apart and they’re just – they hold up well. OK. So at the very top of the closet, I put
a liner here on top of the ventilated shelving so nothing will fall through cracks like dirt
or whatever is on the bottom of our shoes. OK. So on this side of the closet, I have
my dry cleaning bag and I love keeping it in this coat closet because I go inside this
closet every single day to grab something whether it’s in the winter or the summer.
So I can just look at that bag and see if it’s full. If it’s full, I’ll just grab
it with me in the car and drop it off at the dry cleaners and then I’ll just put it back
there when I’m done. I really like this bag. It’s like nice and sturdy. And it’s
like nice quality and stuff. OK. So, on this side of the closet, I have
all of our umbrellas. We have three different umbrellas, a big one and then two small ones
and stuff. But basically, I just take this big one right here and I just hang it right
here just like that. It just stays there nice and in place. And then these two smaller ones
I just put Command hooks on the wall and I just hook the umbrella on to the command hook
and it doesn’t go anywhere. And it maximizes your vertical space because it’s on the
side walls which is otherwise dead space. OK. So at the bottom of the closet, I just
have all of our winter accessories sorted by category into nice, easy to open drawers.
So, I just found these drawers. They are small like they’re low to the ground. They don’t
interfere with the jackets and I just sort everything by category. So there’s ear muffs,
there’s gloves, there’s face stuff, there’s body gear, there’s hats and then there’s
Mojo’s drawer down here with like all of her sweaters and her leash and baggies and
stuff. But what I really like about these drawers
is like I can actually find what I’m looking for so before these drawers we just had a
basket and we would just throw everything into the basket. It worked but it took a little
bit of time to find what you’re looking for because a lot of the winter accessories
are black or brown, they’re dark colored and so when they’re in a basket it was just,
took a lot of time. So sorting them out is just an easy way to set up a system that will
save you time. And then up here, I have a basket with our
beach towels. So, like I said, this closet works for winter, it works for summer. When
summer comes, I keep the pool bag in here also and then the towels, it just made sense
to keep them in here. And then I have a little vacuum on top here
because this closet is right by the front door and so a lot of times I’ll just use
this on the steps if there’s like dirt or dust or something and then also by the front
door. So again, it’s just convenient to where it’s used. OK. So, on the outside of the door, I recently
found this hook. It just clips on to the hinge on the door, it just like pops into the pin
and you can swivel and stuff. But it’s great for just like just hanging something before
you’re about to head out of the house or when you come home and you have a lot of stuff
on hand, there’s no like tools needed. You just kind of clip it on. And then at the very top of the closet, I
found this like two years ago or last year or something but it’s this little like hanger
strip that you just put it at the top on the frame and you can do the same thing. You could
just hook it on there. So, it just gives you more options, more places to put things if
you’re in a very narrow entry way and you need to contain stuff. So, is there a way that you organize your
coat closet or is there something that’s not working for you? If so, leave a comment
or question below. And if this is your first time watching any of my organizing videos,
you can subscribe for more tips in getting organized or check out my website Alejandra.TV. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.

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