How to Photograph a Sleeveless Dress on a Ghost Mannequin

How to Photograph a Sleeveless Dress on a Ghost Mannequin

Photographing such a dress like the one
next to me here can have its challenges. There’s a temptation to photograph it
hung like this, then we could see all the
spaghetti straps in detail. The problem is that doesn’t have much
shape so it’s a little bit lifeless. So what we gonna
do is I’m gonna show you some ways we can make it work on a mannequin. There’s a fair bit to remove in post-production here, but what we can do is remove some
mannequins elements so we’re able to reduce that post-production a little bit,
so let’s start by taking the neck piece out, then the back neck very gently. Ok, so one piece has fallen in, let me add a tiny bit of tape. So with the pieces removed what we have is
a nice reference as to what it will look like once it’s cut out we can see
exactly where the crossover on the back so that’s going to help us turning the
mannequin around can now do is dress inside out putting the straps in a
position that they were in to match the front so what we’ve done is we’ve
switched the dress on to the mannequin and what we’ve been able to do is shoot
a front shot and then effectively grab that inside out picture of the back these two images
wreaking composite together to create that Hollow-man effect or hollow-woman in this case. All just
using the mannequin we retain the shape of the garment and we get a nice shot that
looks super realistic this particular dress is probably a little bit too big
for this man but we can get around just gonna make sure the dress is nice and
Central is a tiny bit of tape here towards the back of the shoulders and I
just going to keep these straps from pouring now go ahead and remove some
pieces that’s going to give us a little bit helps when it comes to
post-production cause we’re gonna have to cut these bits America now anyway we
moved to the back now to what we gonna do here is make sure this is kind of
central fold the fabric not too tight and I’m gonna do the same thing down
further on the it’s quite a bit of fabric bulging at the back here and just
can’t take a pin and I’m going to win that down at the back this dress is a little bit darker down
here on the bottom so what I’m gonna do as I’m just going to get a little bit of
whiteboard in a puppet in like that shot and it’s just going to even out a
little bit so even if the dress is a little bit too big for the mannequin
what we can do is we can use some ten some clips not too much but we can help
that dress better on that mannequin

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  1. Yes I like this, great explanation. Ive done plenty of ghost Mannequin retouching over the years but always wondered how it was done. Thats one hell of a studio, many mannequin's.

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