How to Pick an “Appropriate” Prom Dress

How to Pick an “Appropriate” Prom Dress

– Hi everyone. So today
I’m talking about prom. Because it’s prom season
and we seem to be having a bit of a prom – blem. Like a problem at prom. It seems like this year
more than any other year that young women are
getting kicked out of prom for wearing “inappropriate” dresses. Now it’s been awhile since I went to prom. For context, the first time I heard The Black Eyed Peas, “I Gotta Feeling” was in the limo on the way to prom. Also, Avatar was in theaters. Was a weird year for all of us. I don’t know if I’d be able to
find a prom-appropriate dress if I went to prom this year in 2015. So this week, I’m going to try and find an “appropriate” prom dress. I can’t find anything wrong with this one. (alarm blaring) Seriously? Because you
can’t even see cleft so I don’t know how it’s cleave. (alarm blaring) Ok, this has gotta work. I wore this to a wedding two years ago. There’s nothing going on that’s unsavory. (alarm blaring) Don’t tell me this is tulle much for you. (laughs)
(alarm blaring) So I wore this dress to prom
six years ago without incident. (alarm blaring) Ok, yeah, I get it. I get
it. I broke every rule. I wear this to the office every day. (alarm blaring) – [Voiceover] Babe are
you wearing my suit again? – No, no, no, no, no. Nope. (alarm blaring) You know what, that’s fine. That’s fine. You know what I’m wearing to prom? I’m wearing this. You know who usually wears this? Astronauts on press tours. So find something wrong with this outfit. (alarm blaring) You know what, that’s it. I give up. I’m wearing a sweatshirt. (alarm blaring) Oh, it’s not formal enough for you? Well, how about I just put
on a hat and call it a day. (alarm blaring) That’s fine. That’s fine. I’ll just wear a tablecloth and I’ll just sit at prom underneath a tablecloth and I’ll serve people drinks and I’ll say, “Is this too sexy school?” (alarm blaring)
Is this distracting people from the festivities? Is this giving other
people’s dads gross boners? Because I’m underage. You know that right? Like I’m 17 years old and
you’re getting all like horned up looking at my shoulder. What’s wrong with you? (alarm blaring) You know what? That’s it. I’m not going to prom. I’m going to bed. I’m gonna lie down in bed and I’m gonna think about how
classist and offensive it is to take one gender and
tell them what to wear so that they don’t
distract the other gender from learning or prom-ing or whatever it is you do in high school. (growls) (alarm blaring) I don’t even have a thingy to
say at the end of this video because like, come on. Really? Really? If you like this video, click subscribe. I make a new one every single week. You can also find me on
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with less screaming in the lower left-hand corner. I’ll see you guys next week. Goodbye.

50 Replies to “How to Pick an “Appropriate” Prom Dress”

  1. I remember for my prom it said that women couldn't wear tuxes for some reason and if they did they would be kicked out of prom. Luckily my friend who wore a tux was never talked to. But seriously school what's wrong with you?

  2. I LOVE you!!! I just looked at my old prom dresses and they would definitely be deemed inappropriate now, and they were really tame even back then compared to some dresses I saw. It's our own fault for having breasts and hypnotizing people with them eyeroll

  3. I don't understand why you have so many problems with the dress code. Why don't schools just have a school uniform?

  4. Meghan I love this and I totally agree that women are held to ridiculous dress code standards and girls should be allowed to enjoy their prom without worrying about being attacked for their outfits. However, I definitely have seen some prom dresses that I thought were inappropriate. Though they are rare, they do exist.

  5. I got kicked out of my 8th grade dance for wearing a 'revealing' dress. Nothing was revealing, It was just very form fitting and the creepy dads complained even after I put a sweater on. The dress went down to my knees.

  6. My senior prom I had to wear a floor length dress. REQUIRED FLOOR LENGTH and also submitting a picture in your dress for approval before receiving your ticket. I'm 5' so floor length dresses were floor plus a foot of fabric. I wanted to wear a tea length dress so I tried to see if it was okay  and dear god did our vice principal flip his shit. Prom was fun but honestly some rules are unnecessary.

  7. I would much prefer if you said sex, instead of gender. Bc there are many many gender identities. ^.^

  8. Laughing so hard!! You're amazing. For real though these rules are fucking disgusting I just wanna go to prom BUTTNAKED because of all this shit

  9. The biggest rules about my 8th grade dance is the dresses. It was a hassle to find a nice dress that didn't show my shoulders, had straps at least 3 fingers wide, didn't have a back that dipped down more than my bra, and was longer than my fingertips at my side. My main issue is the shoulders thing. GUYS ARE AWARE I HAVE SHOULDERS BECAUSE THEY HAVE THEM TOO.

  10. Oh, please oh please do a video on the Arias vs Intermex case. I don't even want to spoil this for you, just find out your reaction.

  11. Dress codes that are specific for certain genders are so stupid.. This is my body and I'm gonna wear what I want. I get it if it's a formal event and there are basic guidelines for both genders, but when you're restricting one group… It's plain sexist. And the worst thing is that children are being raised with this sexism.. They see it as normal… And that disgusts me.

    Here are the restrictions for girls for my promotion that's coming up in a week (I'm going to the 9th grade next year):
    – Semi-formal or Formal attire (which is understandable)
    – Dress has to be knee-length or longer
    – Dress has to have straps/sleeves
    – No spaghetti straps
    – No collars that show cleavage
    – No cutouts or sheer fabrics that show some skin
    – You have to wear opaque tights under your dress if it doesn't go lower than your shins
    – No floor-length dresses (!?!?!?!?!)
    – No heeled shoes higher than 1 inch
    – No open toed-shoes
    – No heavy makeup
    – No intricate/"distracting" hairstyles or accessories
    – No skirts
    – No pants
    – No large/long earrings
    – No bright colors

    Here are the restrictions for the boys:
    – Semi-formal or Formal attire
    – That's literally it.

    We are fourteen years old.. Stop sexualizing us; and everyone else! Our bodies are OURS. You have no right to tell us what we have to dress them in. Sending girls home because our bodies are "distracting" is clearly putting one gender over another. You're sacrificing young girls' educations for the sake of the boys'..
    "Oh, all people are to be treated equal! Treat everyone well and equally everywhere you are, especially at school! Respect each other!"
    Pfft. Fucking hypocrites.

  12. I went to my prom in 2009, and I wore this gorgeous floor-length dress with spaghetti straps that criss crossed like a corset down my back, so it showed off quite a bit of shoulder and back, My dress was freaking tame compared to some of the dresses I saw, and I still probably wouldn't be able to wear it in 2015.

  13. When I was in grammar school they made the girls kneel down. If the hem of your skirt didn't reach the floor you would be sent home. Sleeveless blouses were also forbidden even if you were as flat as a board. We weren't allowed to wear pants. That was in the late fifties and early sixties. When I was in high school we organized and staged a "culotte day" where we wore the new-fangled shorts that looked like skirts in order to protest the dress code. Quite a few girls were sent home that day, but the very next year the dress code was changed to allow girls to wear pants.

  14. this gives me life omg yaassss "getting all horned up looking at my shoulder" preach💪🏼💪🏼

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