How to Pick Fabric for Fleece Blanket | No-Sew Crafts

How to Pick Fabric for Fleece Blanket | No-Sew Crafts

A really fun no-sew project that you can do
at home is to make a tie blanket. You can use lots of different fabrics for
this, although they should all be knit. Here today we’re using some really fun colored
fleece. We’re going to make about a crib-size blanket
today but you can alter this pattern for whatever size bed you want. Today we have this really cute polka dot print
and it’s going to be paired with this bright blue, which would make an adorable gift for
someone. Everyone needs a good throw so this is really
a rally fun, easy project to do. Another thing to think about when picking
out your fabric is how much fabric are you actually going to need. Today we’re making a crib-size blanket. It’s going to be about 60 inches by 45 inches,
so we have some 60 inch wide fabric, which will cover the 60 inch part. And we have about a yard and a half, and a
yard is 36 inches, so our blanket, which is 45, it will be just fine. So go ahead and measure whatever you want
your throw or blanket to be on or you can Google common sizes. And just bring that with you to the fabric
store when you get your blanket fabric.

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  1. I don't need these tutorials as I have a sewing machine and have been sewing since I was 7 ,but it is nice to see what fabric was picked,it inspires me

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