19 Replies to “How to Piece and Prepare the Backing Fabric for Your Quilt (Ep. 205)”

  1. Finally someone who loves a quilt backing as exciting as the front. I've been ripping that salvage edge off for years. Seems practical to me. I am a self taught quilter before YouTube. I love all the hints and the explanations of your quilting tips. Thank you and please keep coming with the great videos.

  2. I have been watching other videos on backings and yours gave the most information I was looking for. I having been quilting for about 10 years but never felt comfortable when adding the backing on anything larger than a wall hanging and you gave some great tips. I do have to check out your cutting video because I have a smaller space for quilting and it is hard to cut a large piece of fabric accurately. Thank you.

  3. I love your quilts soo much, they are so beautiful and not boring I wish I could do the work that you do…. I know I need to purchase a lot more material then what I have at hand, I live in Canada and I just have not found a place that sells material like I see in the states, but I will keep searching and watching your shows you are the best teacher I've seen on YT…Thanks for the inspiration and Idea's I love learning from you Nancy…God Bless You

  4. Than,S so much!! I have been quilting since 1995 so I have made a few backings and no one has ever explained exactly how you do it. I have done some things correctly but now I know the whole process. Thanks for going into so much detail.

  5. When talking about your ironing board…you mentioned the material you used, but I couldn't understand what you said. It sounded like 'bonedash' reflective ironing board surface. Could you please clarify just what this material is? Thanks!

  6. This was such an informative video! I have learned so much from you. Thank you for all the tips and tricks for making our quilting look the best that it can. Love the videos and love you hope you'll be making videos for a really long time to come!

  7. Making the backing is my least favorite part of quilting! When I have to piece the back with extra leftover fabric or orphan blocks, I worry that they will come out crooked when the quilting is finished. I loved the idea of using the selvage edge for the seam, and smaller stitches. Your quilts are beautiful!

  8. Love this tutorial!  Very informative.  I try to do the backs of my quilts justice.  After all, I spend so much time (and money) perfecting the piecing and doing interesting borders on the front.  The backing should be just as nice, too.  By the way, I love your humor!

  9. Thank you so much for your tutorials. I've watched so very many tutorials as I'm learning the correct way to quilt. I've been making "mistakes" for years and calling them quilts. lol. I couldn't find the problem because everything I did was problematic. Beginning with the cutting. Your power cutting video changed my quilting life. What a difference it has made to actually have pieces cut exact. Power cutting is my favorite part now. I have to force myself to not start another project just to be able to power cut. And your tutorials on pressing have made pressing fun. It's exciting to know I will have blocks made exact size needed instead of the fear of "the unknown size" I use to get before I became acquainted with you and your team. Now I'm SO excited with this tutorial giving quilters permission to piece our backing. I always felt like I was cheating. Now I feel like I'm being smart. Thank you again and Merry Christmas

  10. Thank you so much for all the wonderful advice…I've learnt a lot and I will be really going to be looking at the backs of my quilt in a whole different light now …

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