How to Play Castanets : Putting On & Wearing Castanets

How to Play Castanets : Putting On & Wearing Castanets

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My name is Yvette Parrish. So this one has an R, I am going to put this one on my right
hand. The knot is always towards you, the knot so this is the knot. I am putting the
knot towards me, it goes on the thumb and I am putting the other side, a little curve
on the same thumb. So it is a kind of hangs like this. Now turn it this way. The knuckle
of the thumb is in between and the smooth loop of the castanets goes by your nail and
then the knot goes towards you. And that is how you place them. You can tighten them.
I always go kind of extra tight and then I loosen them up to the way that I like them.
If there are too loose you are not going to get a good sound, they are going to fall off.
They are not going to be comfortable. So start with them tighter then loosen them up a little
bit as you are playing them. Same thing with the left hand. It has got a L on this one.
The knot is towards you. The little curve is towards your fingernail. You are putting
it on your thumb so you have that knuckle in between. So do not want to put your knot
both of them like this. This is a no. This is a line through it. Do not do this and you
do not want to put your knot too high up by your nail it has got to go in between where
your knuckle is breaking in between. Same thing I go a little bit tighter I loosen them

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  1. I dance flamenco and all spain's dances and I love playing my castanets. They're from Spain. Great Video! 🙂
    Best Wishes
    Antonella (From Argentina)

  2. Hi there 🙂 anybody interestes in castanets should visit my new blog, 🙂 let me know what you think!

  3. Terrible video. Sound is muffled and she never plays them. Very bad video, uploader should reassess life.

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