How to Pleat Fabric At Home: Broomstick Pleating for Beginners

How to Pleat Fabric At Home: Broomstick Pleating for Beginners

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to pleat this pair of pants, but you can try this with any light-weight fabric or garment. You will need a broom or something with a similar handle, some string and scissors, a spray bottle with water, and of course, your fabric or garment To start with I’m turning one of the pant legs inside out and then putting it into the other leg. You can skip this step if you are pleating a different garment or a piece of fabric, and simply wrap it around the broomstick in the next step. Now take the broomstick and pull it up through the pant legs. I found it useful to put my feet on the broom to hold it upright. Then you need to gather the top part of whatever you’re pleating until it’s not much wider than the circumference of the broomstick. Place the edge around the top of the broomstick and secure well with some string. This broomstick had a loop at the top so I used it to keep the pants from sliding down. Now you want to prepare some ties so that you can work quickly, So cut around 15 pieces of the string about 40 centimetres long or enough to tie around the broomstick and fabric. Time one of these a little under your first tie and make it as tight as you can, then twist the fabric so that it all comes together and little gathers appear. Take another tie and tie it around the twist about five centimeters down from the last. Work your way down the fabric repeating the last step and twisting in the opposite direction. Once you’ve tied to the bottom now is a good time to wet the fabric. Use the spray bottle to soak the fabric as much as you can. The reason I’m using a spray bottle is because you want the fabric inside to be able to air dry, but you still want to set the pleats, so not to wet but not too dry either. Next take the ball of string and tie it around the top near the first tie. Start wrapping it around the fabric tightly and about one centimeter apart all the way down. Leave the Broom in a warm dry area for about 24 hours or until dry. Now this is the fun part. Start cutting away all of the string being careful not the cut fabric. Once you’ve got all the string off gently pull at the fabric to open up the creases. Pull your fabric off the broomstick and shake it out a bit. If you’ve inverted one of the pant legs you can take it out now. And that’s pretty much it. This is how I pleated the pants in my resort 2018 collection for Mercedes-Benz fashion week. Please note that this type of pleating hasn’t been heat set and any pleating on natural fibers will almost definitely wash out eventually. Take care of your pleated garment and either dry-clean, spot clean or re-pleat when necessary.

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  1. Wow!! This is such a cool DIY. I just subscribed to ur channel. Hope u send me some support by visiting my channel

  2. Amazing! I just bought some pleated rayon pants and now I know how to care for them. I was thinking the purchase was a mistake although I love how the pants look. Like your design also.

  3. OMG… You are a God-send…
    I just washed some expensive
    (broomstick pleated skirts)
    not knowing it would wash
    out ALLL of the pleats… they
    look so sad… and droopy…
    Now, I can bring them back
    to LIFE…
    Thank YOU so much for
    sharing this life-saving
    tutorial… God Bless YOU!!!

  4. You mention heat setting in the video, how would you go about heat setting? Also those looked like silk so does this only work on natural fibres? or does this work on synthetics as well? Thanks!

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