How To Powder Coat Brake Calipers – Powder Coating Custom Brembo Brake Calipers from Eastwood

How To Powder Coat Brake Calipers – Powder Coating Custom Brembo Brake Calipers from Eastwood

hi james for me so here I’m gonna
support and upgrades you can add your car is a larger braking system when it
comes time to coding protecting those components powder coating is hands down
the most durable option it won’t fade over time like paint is
even . 3 brake fluid resistant Eastwood offers almost a hundred color so you’re
sure to find one that matches your ride in front of me is a pair of two hundred
dollar remanufactured six piston Brembo brake
calipers which are fraction of the price compared to the big break it’s available
online I could easily cost thousands of dollars
these aren’t shiny and new like the kit but functionally they’re the same this leads to the blank aim is to
customize your calipers to match the rest of your ride with that extra money
saved you can buy our very own powder coating
gone oven and powder for future projects let me show you step-by-step how to
fully prep and powder coat a set of brake calipers taking them from a boring
caster a something really draw attention while adding superior protection in
order to get these calipers prep my first happened with the pistons and
seals since they would not be able to hold up the 400 degree temp need to cure
the powder removing caliper piston is pretty much the same for every type of
caliper clamp off the Pistons leaving one open at a time and apply compressed
air to the brake fluid inlet this can be a slow process but pistons
and seals must be removed before going into the oven since these calipers were bare metal I
did not have to blast them but if there’s any type of rust or corrosion on
the surface they should first be media blasted now that the calipers are
visually clean it’s time to remove any chemicals that
still may be on the surface I use the technique known as outgassing
which is simply heating them to about 425 degrees slightly above the 400
degrees here 10 with hopes that any of the remaining contaminants burn off
after about 15 minutes in the oven i remove the calipers and allow them to
cool I make sure to put them in a place where
they would stay clean until I was ready to apply the powder once cool to the
touch it’s a good idea to put on nitrile gloves to keep oil from your skin off of
the part I then spread the calipers down with pre-painting prep to remove the
last the contaminants using high heat masking tape i sealed off all the cylinders and plug
any threaded holes with high temp plugs this is a must because powder is a high
built coding which has the potential to affect threads and machined surfaces
with all the required areas taped off on the calipers from the oven rack using
stainless steel tie wire and supported them the eastwood paint powder coating stand
i’ll be using the east with dual voltage power gun on the high setting since
these calipers are more than a half inch thick in some spots setting up the
powder gun is very easy because the 8-ounce powder bottles thread directly
onto the gun I attached the ground clamp where it
will not be visible you want to attach it directly to the part not to the
trailer hangar which could result in poor powder attraction the gun pressure
should be about 8 to 10 psi which can be set directly on the gun by turning the
knob to high pressure could cause the powder to blow by or off the part too
little and it may not reach inside complex areas take your time and make sure you have
achieved full coverage before putting it into the oven to cure a common mistake
and powder coating is judging the Cure time because you must wait for the part
to reach 400 degrees before starting 20-minute timer to measure this i’m
using the eastwood infrared thermometer once the part reaches 400 degrees the
20-minute timer starts instead of leaving the calipers plain gold I decided to add the Porsche logo on the
outside of the caliper with the oven preheated to 400 degrees I evenly applied the decal and then put
it back in the oven I waited until the surface temperature was about 300
degrees and then remove the caliper but the caliper still hot i plot
Eastwood gloss powder over the whole caliber and put them back in the oven
for the full 20 minute cure this is the final step of the process and I’m really
looking forward to how they turn out after the calipers cool you can see the complete transformation
just from a simple code of gold powder all is be done in the garage applying multiple layers of powder can
be tricky especially if you’re just starting out by making a test piece one
sure you get the exact look you want eastwood there’s no need to send your
parts out especially powder shop click the link below to check out our
selection of powder coating guns powder and powder creating equipment you can be
powder coating in no time make sure to follow us on Facebook and
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41 Replies to “How To Powder Coat Brake Calipers – Powder Coating Custom Brembo Brake Calipers from Eastwood”

  1. Just saw this video and I like it.  The gloss powder that you added is this gold or clear?  I wish you had a link to it since I have to paint my calipers gold and this was very interesting to learn.

  2. Great video, gave me a lot of ideas however i have one question, what type of material did you use for the porshe sticker so the heat wont melt the word design? cheers..

  3. could you tell me a bit about the decals
    maybe the brand are they vinyl?
    what exactly do I need to be able to clear over decals

  4. Did you bake the calipers with the rear caliper seal still in between the back brake? meaning I know some brembos are a two piece set up and on my particular car the back ones are a two piece set up that have a gasket in between the two pieces that keeps it from leaking. Brembo says do not separate the pieces so if I bake it in the oven at 400 degrees will it damage the gasket

  5. I always thought you had to let the first layer to cool down completely before spraying the 2nd coat?

  6. considering how HOT brakes get do you really think the pistons and seals would not withstand 400 degrees
    i think that is bullshit

  7. Your site says that the powder coat is only good to us and up to 250 degrees with calipers can go all the way up to 1000 degrees so do you have any powder coat that is good for these calipers to withstand the high heat

  8. It is actually better to leave the seals and pistons in and cook at 300 degrees which will not hurt the seals at all and removal will most likely cause more damage than leaving them intact. Calipers can reach 600 degrees under normal conditions especially on motorhomes.

  9. Nice work but there is no way my wife will let me buy air compressor and spray powder in the garage then put a caliper in the oven

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