How to Powder Coat Chrome Brake Calipers – Powder Coating At Home – Eastwood

How to Powder Coat Chrome Brake Calipers – Powder Coating At Home – Eastwood

powder coatings only durable and inexpensive it’s a great alternative to paint and even chrome our new extreme prone powder it’s just as easy as the rest of our powers to apply and offers a reflective finish that is close to real chrome as you’re going to find first preheat the oven to 450 degrees while its preheating clean the part with pre-painting prep which is a must-have mentally for powder coating crap but paint prep as well make sure to get into all the contours of the caliper because every surface must be clean once the part is prep you can start to prepare the gun we’re using the east with dual voltage gun for this project easily attach your bottle of powder by screwing it directly onto the gun connect your airline and make sure the air pressures between five and 10 psi catch the ground clamp to the part ray with a brake caliper covered propped up and grounded we start spraying the activation switch must always be depressed when spraying to create a charge on the powder we’re using both voltage settings on the caliper cover to get complete coverage because there are so many contours on this part one trick for getting the best coverage in these contours is to use the deflector that comes with a gun and spray on an angle this helps charge the powder without putting the charge on the part once your part is covered place it in the oven Eastwood chrome powder use a slightly different process and other powders when curing instead of setting the timer for 20 minutes once the powder flows out or turned glossy we let the part reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit and ir thermometer from eastwood is great for checking this temperature once the part reaches 400 hear it for 20 minutes east was extreme chrome powder has a bright reflective finish that’s the closest to real crown we have ever offered just look at the shine on these parts plus it’s quick and easy it’s even great for crafts like making mason jar candle holders visit to get all your powder coating supplies from the dual voltage powder coating gun to extreme krone powder as well as ovens high temp tape and all the other accessories you need to do the job right

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  1. Do you have the color "Satin Chrome" as well? @Eastwood Company So that i can paint the car and the calipers in "Satin Chrome".

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