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  1. Thanks Kath. I was taught to make this by my Grandmother also, and when asked to make one this year, even though it is something you never forget once you've done it right.. I needed a refresher. So clear again now – thank you. I know this video was in 2012 – wondering how the pudding came out!

  2. My Nana used to make this. She has passed and i thought i might try to make it this year. She put her pudding in a bowl and covered with the cloth. My question is, what material is the cloth. A piece of cotton? We served with sauce, dont remember that sauce. My other grandmother made a hard sauce to serve with it. It has been at least 25 years. Going to try this year.
    Thank you!
    Karen B

  3. Really, really useful. You tell us all the basic things that are obvious for experienced cooks that they forget to tell novices

  4. Here we go again Kath. I'm organised a bit earlier this year. (It's a miracle!) Happy Christmas 2018 to you and your family. For people checking this blog for the first time this is the best you will find on boiling a Christmas pudding in a cloth.

  5. Great utube clip. You reinforced what my Mum has always said – the pud is a traditional recipe handed down from my Nanna. My poor Mum can't make it this year [and beyond]…so I'm giving it a go! Think the cloth might leak as I had to take the pud out after I put it in…the plate kept bubbling up and down! 🙁 .. fingers crossed it might be ok! Guess there's always next year!!

  6. Thank You Kath for showing how to do a traditional cloth pudding. This will be my first go for our huge family christmas. I have never done one before but truly looking forward to doing it

  7. Merry Christmas 2016 Kath. I made a very late Christmas Puđding this year. This clip is still the best and most practical on YouTube

  8. Thank you all for the comments. I hope your puddings turned out last Christmas. It's almost time to start working on this years!!! I'm hoping to be in Darwin this year so I'm not sure what I will be doing about a pudding

  9. I really enjoyed this video, I felt like I was in the kitchen with a friend getting a cookery lesson.

  10. I have been making Christmas Puddings in the cloth for 27 years (my nanna taught how to make it to) in that time I have had the odd year off for good behavior 🙂 Compliments to you for this blog. I really didn't think there would be much on YouTube about 'Christmas puddings made in the cloth' and I was glad to watch this to remind me of a few things, even after all the time I have been making them. I also find myself making them late into the night, it doesn't heat your house up as much. Merry Christmas 2015

  11. My apologies to everybody I didn't respond to. The full recipe for my christmas pudding can be found at:


  12. Thank for the great tutorial! You said the recipe is on your blog. Will you please post it or send it to me?

    Thank you!

  13. What a saviour your are, Kath!  Your video has filled in some details that cookbooks glossed over – thanks so much!  Am making my first Xmas pudding ever (which is a bit ironic, as it's been one of my fave foods since childhood…. which is a few years ago now).  Good to have this instructions from a fellow Aussie, a nice bonus.  

  14. Great video I am Irish chef who has made plenty of xmas pudding but never in cloth so I have all my mixes ready and now off to work to make 12 in the cloth and i will let you know how i get on. 

  15. Great video I hope I get it right this year now seeing how to do it can I pleased ask where I can get your recipe for the plum pudding 🙂

  16. Hi Kath, Thanks for this terrific video. You are making me want to emigrate to Australia! Making true puddings has become a lost art. Showing how to prepare the pudding cloth takes me back to seeing my mother and grandmother doing it  to make plum duff, the most glorious taste of my youth in England. ( sliced hot and served with butter and Demerara sugar).  I even remember my Mum's well used muslin cloth with similar burn marks.
     I love your on camera style too…very engaging and entertaining. Well done! I'm not in the habit of responding on line but this made my day. Thanks again. Roger

  17. Hi Kath, great video. I have been searching on the net for a long time trying to get a recipe that my mum used to use for xmas boiled pudding, I know she used suete but cant remember her ever using any alcohol. I was wonderin if you could post on you tube or send the ingredients if you dont mind. As my mum died yrs ago and I never got the recipe off her. Thanks for any input.
    Nell 🙂

  18. My father always used to do the pudding. My wife is doing it this year but I never knew how the cloth worked! The flour tip is invaluable. Thank you for the video Kath

  19. The pudding needs to be completely submerged. As the water boils away, top it up with boiling water from the kettle. And make sure it keeps boiling. If it goes off the boil that's when water leaks through the cloth.

  20. Thanks so much for the detailed walkthrough. I tried a boiled pudding last Christmas and it came out very soggy. I'm determined to get it right this year!

    One question: at what level of the bag does the hot water need to reach in the pot?

  21. Thanks Aisha, enjoy your pudding. I'm really looking forward to it this year as well. I've just heard that my parents are coming up for Christmas. It'll be the first time in about 20 years that we've had Christmas together! I'll have to do an extra-special pudding this year!!

  22. Want to try a Chrissy Pudding for the first time this year. Living in England with my boyfriend and will be spending chrissy with his family again (a little chillier than 20 degrees), so wanted to do something special this year. Found a good recipe but the calico aspect escaped me-this video was so helpful! Also nice to hear the accent, if I closed my eyes I would have sworn I was listening to my Aunty Sue from Campbelltown 😛 so thanks for the reminder of home! Hopefully it works out!

  23. I've given this video a little plug in my blog, thought it would be better if my readers could see it in action 🙂

  24. Thanks for the comments. I must admit I cheated a couple of years ago as well and made the pudding in a pudding basin. It still tasted the same, but it just wasn't the same as turning it out from the cloth. My grandmother taught me how to do it, and when she stopped making the family christmas pudding I took over. I love the tradition of the pudding in a cloth.

  25. Hi Kath, my Nan just taught me how to make the boiled Christmas puddings and she couldn't remember how to keep the water out in the traditional way so thanks for the tip with the flour. She lines the cloth with glad wrap and pulls it up first before wrapping, but says it was always nicer in the old days.. must admit the gladwrap is super easy 🙂 Also your batter is much thicker than ours, I might give your recipe a go next time 🙂

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