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  1. Thank you, mystery solved. I’ve been wondering about this for years! So annoying and happens quite often with pricier clothes ?

  2. Nice video, could you please let me know what causes these holes, as it's very annoying. I always felt the bug causes these holes but I really don't know. Please let me know. Thank you.

  3. This never. Use to happen, just started in the past year. The tops I bought came from Nordstroms and Dillards not Walmart, this is crap they are selling.

  4. Youd think this would help, but I have holes in shirts I only wear with tanktops underneath. You'd think that would prevent holes. But it doesn't. But then again, I do tuck my tank in. The rest does hang down. Hmm…

  5. I have been struggling with this issue for years! And it is so frustrating, seems to be worse lately. So this is very helpful but how can you be sure that it's also not the washer/dryer or moths? Any suggestions?

  6. Good advice, but the interface shows if it's a rather thin material. This did not use to happen when clothes were made with quality fabrics. I'm sick and tired of all these crappy clothes, usually made in China , with artificial materials, instead of natural fibers. Rubbing against a Jean should not be a problem! Even with natural fibers, there are different levels of quality, different grades sort of speak, depending on how the fabric is made. Now, sometimes even expensive clothings are low quality and you can throw them out after a couple of washes because they look like rags. Young people don't even know what quality means anymore, they think this is normal. All this waste must be part of the plan to save the planet !!

  7. After reading a lot of the comments here, I think for me it is a combination of seatbelt an jeans/pants with zippers.  I've checked the counter and table edges and have not found anything rough.  I'm definitely going to try this idea.  I abhor finding holes in my new work shirts!!  I'd love to save a few of them with this and am planning on tugging my shirt up over the belt from now on!

  8. This is so Not true….. first of all I've been wearing jeans for years and only in the near past have I gotten holes in my shirts……and I have found that the same brands get holes AND don't get holes. I have shirts from Mudd, Mossimo

  9. I'm sure it is from my belt buckles. I put a new shirt on & after work tonight I already see new holes in my new shirt! 😤

    I'm not going to add a layer to all my shirts. What can I mod to the buckles to prevent holes?

  10. It's the thin fabric I have stained older tees that didn't get holes now everything is thin see through grade fabric. Can't get decent fabric even at the fabric store's. Fabric quality people is the issue if you are and old lady you can remember that tees weren't so thin you needed to worry about this.

  11. I wear yoga pants and still get the holes AND the holes are not always by the belly button. Im just saying…..still a mystery to me

  12. I was just going to sew the little holes, but this sounds like a much better idea! Thanks! 😀

  13. Take a look at the tag in your shirts with holes and I think you will find these were all made outside of the US. I think that is the problem. Our clothes are being manufactured in other countries and the product is inferior. All my shirts with holes were made in Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Sri Lanka, China, etc., etc. I wish the clothing manufacturers would bring their manufacturing back to the good ole USA. I’m going to start looking for clothes made only in the USA. Perhaps that could be a solution.

  14. Keep zippers zipped up when washing too. Had a favorite dress jacket ruined with tiny holes cause of making the mistake not to.

  15. Hi Reachel, not sure if you are monitoring this post, but have a question about, I noticed with a hoodie that the holes have developed on the lower half portion of the sleeve. How could this be as it is not rubbing on denim at this spot, make more sense if was where hoodie went over the jean button, ie. bottom of the hoodie at the front. Any ideas?

  16. Hi Reachel, thanks for posting the video, holes on front of my shirts has become a real problem (especially with new tees, $$$) and found the culprit, belt or jeans button rubbing against the fabric. But didn't know a fixer until now…I will head out to Spotlight to pick up the Heat 'N' Bond Pack. Btw, the holes have only appeared in the last few years; before that, they didn't occur, even though I've always worn jeans and tee as my main clothing choice fore-ever. Could this be the poorer quality of material or that I have to pull my belt tighter to keep my pants up (I sound like a pensioner who has to pull up pants to their armpits – I'm not – but really, I have little in the way of hips for pants to hold onto).

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