How To Price Your T-Shirts | How To Start A T-Shirt Business

How To Price Your T-Shirts | How To Start A T-Shirt Business

hey guys welcome back to Tracy's place today I am doing the fourth video in the series how to start a t-shirt business and this video is how to price your t-shirts so you've gotten started you've made your first design maybe you've made five t-shirts and you made up samples and things to show your friends and family and these are your masterpieces and you want to see how they you know respond to them so they axe you so how much do you charge and you have not thought about it now to come up with that answer this is something you had to have done research on when you are pricing your t-shirts you can't go by what people want to pay for them you have to go by what it is worth and that means the t-shirt costs the print cost and your time so when coming up with the basis of what your t-shirt cost is we're thinking about your time your attention and your ability to craft and make this one-of-a-kind t-shirt we're not even getting into the extra overhead cost of electricity and rent and different things like that one thing that goes into the decision making of the price of your t-shirt is how much you pay for the t-shirt and also the quality of the t-shirt most t-shirts cost between 250 and 450 and 250 is a bare minimum that's a basic shirt it's still decent quality but it's a basic shirt and 450 and five dollars is on the up range it's very good quality so just for this videos sake we're gonna go with 350 for your shirt cost now you could pay less like I said or more but just for the sake of the video to give you an idea we're gonna go with 350 for the cost of the shirt now for the vinyl or the print some people are using different methods remember I use vinyl some people may be using a he transfer that someone has made for them or they have recreated so there's different methods just remember that so it's the price of the t-shirt and then your vinyl or heat transfer whatever you're using so we're gonna say that that roughly costs 250 so the total price for your t-shirt for just a basic one-sided t-shirt would be $6 for you now just know that some people will squawk at the price of a t-shirt but you cannot let that even faze you because most people will not squawk at the cost of the t-shirt most people know that good quality and a nice design cost a deal it's not expensive but most people know that you know they're gonna pay a good price for a t-shirt especially a nice t-shirt taking consideration that most people make between thirteen dollars and sixteen dollars an hour that's the average pay rate in America today now consider now if you make a t-shirt and if you're using vinyl that's well over an hour for one t-shirt one custom designed t-shirt so you're looking at design time you're looking at printing cutting time you're looking at the time it takes to weed a design and then your time you're talking about the time it takes to heat press the design so you have put well over an hour and – basically an hour into a t-shirt so that's your time and then you have to factor in your supply costs so that's time and supply right there so you say what should be a good price for t-shirt considering all that that I just said it between 1999 and $25.00 is a good price point for your t-shirts this t-shirt right here are charged $23 for because it has a design on the front but then there are designs on both of the sleeves this has black panther on this sleeve and then there's the mask on this sleeve and like I said the front print so that is $23 it would normally be $20 if it just had this print on it but sleeves I tried the extra $3 for and then this shirt is $20 because it just has a front design and then this shirt also and it says I am wife mom boss blessed I hope you can see that and it has a check mark at the bottom so hopefully you can see that so these are designs that I made up they're not custom designs than anyone asked for so I have base prices for these this is 20 20 23 but if someone were to come to me with a custom design I have to take my time to design the shirt and that consists of making a mock up on my Silhouette Cameo design studio software so it takes depending on the person sometimes people will give you somewhat of an idea of what they want and then some people are very specific and don't give any room for error but a lot of people most of the people come they have a design in their hand and they kind of wants you to put it on paper and they want to see what it looks like and then they want to change you you send them the mock-up that you have they want to change this and change that width which is fine but that takes time it takes time to design and then it takes time to redesign so sometimes people do not do not think about that there are so many things that go into just arranging things on a shirt sizing they let you have to pick the font and all that it takes time also some people want a design on the back of their t-shirt and remember you have to charge extra for that because that's more vinyl you charge usually between three to six dollars for that depending on the detail and intensity of the design and then if they want something on the sleeves remember to charge an extra at least three dollars for the sleeves that's more vinyl there as well but the print is smaller so remember for custom orders you're going to charge about five to six dollars and depending on what type of shirts you make designer t-shirts or not it may be a little more but at least charge extra five – $6 for a custom t-shirt because you have to come up with the mock-up design and that's time two more things guys remember to charge your customers for shipping you're not doing anyone a favor by eating up the shipping cost and customers know that they pay for shipping anyway so you're not any different than anyone else make sure you charge for shipping you can ship anywhere basically in the United States from coast to coast for about 550 to 650 so that will be the shipping cost unless you see where it will cost you more and make sure you charge for that also make sure that you charge for the envelope there's envelope costs for shipping so your envelope usually costs between three fifty cents to a dollar dollar 25 so remember to pass along that price you can get a decent price for envelopes wholesale from different companies so just do your research and find the best price for your envelopes and this thing especially guys you cannot give everyone a discount friends and family are notorious for asking for discounts of emergen dice now you have to be choosy there are some people that you will give discounts to well-meaning you know people and people that are really going to be out there pushing your product or you know different things like that so you will give a couple of people discounts but not everyone most people are just trying to lower their cost there are some well many people like I said they're gonna push your products and there's some people will just say you know I'm gonna be modeling your shirts and I'm gonna be doing this and I'm gonna tell everybody about your t-shirts and da da da and a lot of times you don't end up getting any orders from their family or friends so be very very careful when giving out discounts it's not good for your business you will be able to get an idea of who's really trying to help you and who's really trying to help themselves so I hope this helped in how to price your t-shirts if you have any just please put them down below in the comment section hopefully by the time this playlist for how to start your own t-shirt business by the time is all together it should be five videos possibly six but at least five videos and they will all be listed by the time the series is over they will all be listed down below and then there are there's also some links at the end of this video so don't click off right now no click off go to the end of the video and see the links that are there they're going to take you to the next video all right t-shirt makers so I will see you next time on the next video if you know someone that is a that is seeking information about how to make t-shirts please forward this to them I also share this on your Facebook or anything you never know how many of your friends or family are looking for a extra side hustle and t-shirt making just might be for them so please share this on your Facebook page and I'll see you guys next time right back here on Tracy's place bye

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  1. Hi Tracy, I hope you're doing well so far. Do you recommend this kind of heat press to someone who wants to get one? Also, please let me know where I can buy basic and cheap material to start off. Thank you very much for sharing this. I am very interested to know how you market this kind of business as well.

  2. Where do you sell your t-shirts? I would like to purchase one. Do you have a "Dayton Strong" t-shirt within the Ohio state shape?

  3. Great advice I love it and your t-shirts are beautiful and I am going to go into the video of you making it right now!!!

  4. Wow! This is so true Tracy this video is very informative and I appreciate you for sharing this awesome information with us I have a few sample tees right. now but I have a family member making them for cookies lol tfs sis💜

  5. I just purchased and received mine’s in the mail. I bought one that said “All Women are created equal but Queen’s are born in July” 👏🏽👏🏽 Purchased to gift to a 105 year young women. Pink with silver wording. She’s gonna love it!

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