How To Properly Wear Suspenders – Buying Trouser Braces For Men – Suspender Guide Video

How To Properly Wear Suspenders – Buying Trouser Braces For Men – Suspender Guide Video

How To Properly Wear Suspenders – Buying Trouser
Braces For Men – Suspender Guide Video [0:00:00] Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno. I’m the founder of
Real Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to be speaking with you about five tips on how to
properly wear suspenders. Now, I know some of you guys out there are considering making
the move to suspenders and it’s probably a smart decision. I’m going to talk to you about
how to properly wear them so that you do this right, so you don’t go out there and buy
suspenders and never use them. Before we get into this, guys, I’m going to
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Okay, so let’s go ahead and dive into this. Now, I need to point out that this is in support
of an infographic and article which I’ve created over at Real Men Real Style. I’m going to
go into a lot more detail there. So if you want more information, if something isn’t
clear, go check out the infographic. Go check out the article. I go into it a lot more.
And in this video, I’m not necessarily going to talk about the different types of suspenders.
I’ve created a whole separate video for that. Today, I’m going to talk about five tips so
you can actually — well, you can make a smart purchasing decision and you know that suspenders
are right for you. So number one, when you’re out there looking to buy suspenders, what
is the need? Why do you need suspenders? Is it something that — and for a lot of guys
— a little bit of history on braces or suspenders, it used to be this was how trousers were held
up. We didn’t actually use belts. I think it was World War II where we saw the
suspenders pretty much disappear. One of the reasons is you could make trousers a bit shorter,
so instead of ending at the natural waist, we push them down. All of a sudden — and
jeans have been doing this for a long time. I think the companies that were making dress
pants, dress slacks, they said, “Let’s go ahead and push it down. We’re going to save
fabric,” and belts became more popular. Now, belts, if you think about it, are not
as good as suspenders because of two reasons. One, belts, especially on big men, they’re
trying to put tension on an area which actually is angled like this. So if you think about
it, you’re going to have to put a lot of tension if you’re a larger man to keep your pants
from falling down. You’ve see it, guys. Gentlemen out there, their pants are falling down. They’re
trying to pull it up. This is a clear case of they need suspenders. Another advantage of wearing suspenders, it
actually lengthens the apparent length of your leg line. So if you’re a larger man,
suspenders are always going to look better. Basically, they’re going to make your legs
look longer, which in a sense makes you look taller. The biggest barrier — and this goes to need,
why you need it and why you focus on it as the number one reason is psychological because
if you aren’t convinced that suspenders are going to actually make you look better, if
you’re actually going to wear them, if you don’t buy into the psychological benefits
here, you’re not going to probably make the shift, and that’s one thing I don’t want.
I don’t want you to go out there, buy suspenders, and not use them. So make sure that they are
right for you if you’re going to wear suspenders. I know some of you guys, it’s not really a
need, but it’s a want. Perhaps it’s a fashion want. You want something that’s going to look
cool. You want to strap them on without a jacket and have some color that’s going to
— something that’s going to set you apart from the crowd. Perhaps you’re a dancer and you want to get
out there and you don’t even want to bother with your pants possibly creeping down and
you want to be able to do a bit of action. That is a great reason, but make sure that
you’re — in a sense, you’re going to want to make sure that when you’re purchasing those,
you know what you’re buying them for so that you get your money’s worth, whatever you spend
on this. So whether it’d be fashionable, whether you need them simply to hold up your pants,
understand what your need is. Number two, you basically do not want to wear
suspenders with a belt. Now, most pants, in fact almost every pair of pants that’s made
by an off-the-rack company — and what I mean by that, pre-manufactured, non-custom — they’re
going to come with belt loops because they assume that you’re going to wear at some point
a belt with them. Most of us don’t wear belts actually even though — when you’re
wearing jeans, how many guys do you know actually wear belts with jeans, unless they’re tucking
in the shirt. Belt loops aren’t always used. With suspenders,
you do not want to try to wear the belt and then put on suspenders. It actually defeats
the purpose. Suspenders are there to replace the belt. Now, there is one exception to this,
work suspenders. There are certain work suspenders that are made to work with belts and the reason
being is you’re hanging tools actually off of your belt and the suspenders are there
so your pants do not sag. In that case, that combination is acceptable. Pretty much every
other combination, I wouldn’t try it. Buy the right type of suspenders is point
and tip number three. I have an entire video in which you go over the five types of suspenders,
but really quick, we’re going to have basically black tie suspenders. We’re going to have
dress suspenders that are more geared towards business dress. [0:05:03] We’re going to have casual suspenders, which
are going to bring in colors. I’ve mentioned perhaps if you’re a dancer or you’re going
to be going out and doing a lot of activity, that would be a great option for you. There are work suspenders, which are type
number four, and then finally, we have undergarment suspenders. Those are for men who perhaps
have a bit of weight on them, want to wear their shirt untucked, but don’t want to
be always pulling their pants up. Suspenders that are worn as an undergarment are a great
option. We’ve talked about the need, no belt, buy
the right type of suspender, buy the right size of suspenders, gentlemen. That’s point
number four. Suspenders come in a wide range. You can often buy the wrong size and make
it work. The problem with that is that you’re going to overstretch, especially if they’re
made from elastic material, and you’re going to shorten the length. Also, they’re going
to become more uncomfortable and you just may find that your pants are riding up too
high, so buy the right size. A 42-inch suspenders are going to fit men
from about 5′ to 5’9″, all the way up to about 54-inch suspenders, those are going to fit
guys from about 6’1″ to 6’5″. I’m going to link over to an article which is going to
have a breakout of a chart for you that tells you exactly what to buy. If you have a question,
reach out to the company that you’re going to be buying it from and ask them what is
right for you. Now, the last part is how are you going to
attach the suspenders to the pants. Sometimes, you’re going to — some guys go off and they
buy the suspenders. They get them and they look at them and they realize, “I don’t
have any buttons on my pants. How am I going to attach it?” Realize there are two main
types of attachment. There are actually six, but I’m going to talk about the two main ones
and that is button attachments and the other one is a clip attachment. If you do not have — and let’s say you’re
going to be attaching it with jeans, you’re a dancer where you want something that’s going
to look good, but also hold your jeans up because you wear them a little bit loose so
that you can move, in this case, you want to go with clips. Clips, especially if they’ve got a tack or
basically a pin in there, those are called biting clips and they’re going to stay and
they’re going to put a small hole, usually not too bad. Jeans, it’s not going to be that
big of an issue, but you want to avoid these types of clips if you’re going to be using
them with dress pants. If you’re not going to need — and by the
way, those biting ones are also great for work suspenders as well, but if you can, I
would look at — if you’re going to make a long-term move-over, let’s say you’re a large
man, you’ve made the decision that suspenders are right for you, well, then look at having
buttons sewn into your trousers or you can even find clip-on buttons and that’s going
to be the better option if you wanted to go because I really think that it’s a lot easier.
It doesn’t damage the clothing. And so, button suspenders are for the long-term
solution if that’s what you’re going to go with, with most of your wardrobe. However,
if you’re just doing it occasionally, then go with the clips. If you are going to have
a lot of movement or for work, go with the biting clip. Gentlemen, those are my five tips. Hopefully
you found these useful. Do not forget I’ve got a video that supports this and I talk
about the different types of suspenders. In addition, I’ve got an entire infographic and
article that supports this as well. Guys, I wish you the best. I’ll see you in the next
video. Let me know what you think in the comments. Take care. Bye. [0:08:26] End of Audio

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  2. Depending how big you are? Belts are usually good to hold up the front. Suspenders are good to hold up the back!

  3. I work as wedding event staff in England and initially I only wore a belt with my "uniform", but due to the fact my shirt kept coming un-tucked I have recently converted to trouser braces. No regrets at all :-).

  4. red
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  5. Watching this before a party I’m a larger man and just went with the suspenders than the belt. Great video you made it work for me this time

  6. Thank YOU ! – for inspiring me to care about my appearance. I am 67 and have NEVER been a slave to fashion. BUT – old dogs CAN learn new tricks! – Thanks again. Just keep on keepin on.

  7. I switched because the weight of my 9mm edc carry gun in tuckable holster fights with my belt and wants to pull the pant of my suit down.

  8. Can I wear black suspenders with black round hat with white shirt Nd navy blue trousers. ..for my school function mai I look smart Nd black bow tell me plzzzz

  9. If anyone could answer me about a question… I would be glad
    A have a problem whit pants that they are generally too wide for me, so for me to use a suspender a have to use a belt too, as they will hold the pants in place and the suspenders will keep them up, and I don't know exactly if that is a problema…
    I would be glad if anyone could help

  10. Nice attempt but too verbose for a simple topic. When I was young (a long time ago) there were frequent events which called for formal attire. It took many years for me to realize that I always felt more comfortable wearing pants with suspenders, and for me to make the transition. First I tried clips, which did well except that the teeth ruined the waistband on several pairs of pants. I switched to buttons. This was easier than I thought. Fine braces often come with buttons and instructions. So whenever pants needed to go to the cleaners I brought buttons and instructions. Once started,, my cleaners were happy to oblige and installed buttons on everything needed.
    As it turned out I needed suspenders more than I thought. I developed an illness which caused me to lose huge amounts of weight. Regardless of my vanishing waistline, my suspenders kept my pants where they belonged. Eventually my doctors fixed me, and I am still comfortable with all weight restored.
    Even though I am old by any standard, I regularly receive complements from women and men about my suspenders. It certainly feels great when a young woman walks over to me to offer a complement, I wear suspenders because they make wearing pants more comfortable, snd better for your GI tract. Style is ephemeral, determined by unknown people. Some last while most don’t. Wear what you like and what feel great. If you wear it with authority, sometimes that becomes the next hit item.

  11. Hey Antonio I’m not sure if you know why people wear belt with suspenders its because the suspenders pull up the pants while the belt adjust the waist for either a larger or smaller person so regardless in fashion it is fine to wear both please know their functions before you comment on why it isnt something that shouldnt be worn together.

  12. As an official “old guy “, I must say that I would like to see men give more consideration to developing their inner-self over their fashion-self. Self discipline and manors are in short supply these days. There was a time, not that long ago, where cussing was frowned upon, wearing a hat inside was considered impolite . Growing up, the only reason to wear a baseball cap backwards was to put on a catchers mask. Going shopping? Mom would indicate that I would need either my school clothes or for a really nice store, church clothes. What I’m trying to get across is that you might be the most fashion conscious man on the outside but what good is it if inside you’re just a selfish, immature, unethical “little boy “?

  13. The Clips and metal fixtures on the straps get corroded due to sweat. The rust spoils the clothes. The manufacturers should clearly state whether they are RUST PROOF.

  14. i’m 17 and i lovvvveeee dressing up in suits or formal wear, it’s what puts me aside from everyone else. I always get compliments saying how nice i look when i’m just being myself! if you’re young i recommend dressing up to get ladies! works every time!

  15. I’m a big fan of Hold Up’s suspender clip design…they never slip.
    I like the feel and practicality of suspenders. If you do a lot of crouching or upper body movement for work, they are much more comfortable than a belt, which has a higher likelihood of chafing.

  16. I am writing your videos with quite some interest. I want to see videos on pants from you. Mainly for middle aged people. That to dress pants.

  17. The look of unused belt loops bothers me, I’ll have to remove the loops or get tailored pants. Am I overthinking the unused belt loops?

  18. The only problem I have with your tutorial, is you failed to explain the difference between Suspenders and Braces. When one wears dress trousers which includes the buttons located on the inside of the waistband, BRACES ARE REQUIRED. To use Suspenders, the trousers will after time damage the fabric, depending on the type of fabric. Denim, corduroy, fishing waders, and perhaps khaki require suspenders, or are thick enough to resist the damage? Suspenders (with clips) came into existence, thanks to Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain). So if one is a professional wearing business suits, especially with a waistcoat, or a double breasted jacket, where the trousers have buttons located on the interior of the waistband, then invest in Braces.

  19. How to properly wear suspenders….under your ski jacket to hold up your ski pants. Full stop.

    Unless you are a professional clown.

  20. I have found that some clips aren't up to the job, and as soon as you bend over they come off, the clips with the grippers are fine, but they chew up the waste band on your pants.

  21. I wear suspenders 90% of the time I like them they look good on me I look different from all the others guys it allow me to drape my pants exactly at my waist or my belly button I like the silk variety it is non binding and move very easily without hanging up or discomforting I get a lot of looks and compliments especially from the ladies women like them I just don't know why more men don't wear them it set you apart you have to be bold to attempt to be different maybe some guys are afraid of that. belt with suspenders no way!!!

  22. I know this is an older video but I'm curious about the idea that you shouldn't wear a belt with suspenders. Just off the top of my head Bernie mack always wore a thin black belt with suspenders and I thought it looked fine. Any thoughts?

  23. I only know this because it applies to me, concealed carrying a firearm is another reason to wear a belt with suspenders.

  24. What happened to Trafalgar they stopped their limited Edition Braces and reduced their product selection?

  25. I would suggest the button leather end suspenders for sure. You will have to sew 6 buttons into any pants you intend on wearing with them, but the effort is definitely worth it. They have a very timeless look to them.

    I've been neglecting wearing belts for ages, they've just always annoyed me, so would often go without and spend the day trying to pull my pants up repeatedly. I'm a bit shorter and stockier too, so the belt is often pulled too tight to keep the pants up, while also sort of shortening me. Made the transition to suspenders and it's so nice. I like to dress nice whenever possible even if not called for (I work as a video editor, could wear a t-shirt), and when worn right and with the right fashion sense suspenders can really make you look sharp as hell.

  26. I wear a belt everyday… jeans, slacks, & shorts. I just want to use suspenders as a fashion statement.

  27. Pocket square is on the right, ring on the right hand, and a lapel button hole on the left. Please explain?

  28. I live in beijing and recently started wearing suspenders
    Everyone says they look great on me but not on locals
    I think non whites look odd wearing them

  29. Thanks! This really help me me out! Team suspenders! I need more button ones because I'm big and I wear them mostly with dress pants!

  30. Brilliant video. I was advised in a means wear store to wear braces (as we call in UK) your video so helpful. Thanks

  31. I have been wearing a belt and suspenders for about 40 years now. The suspenders are for holding up my pants and the belt is for hanging items, like key loops, Leatherman type tools, etc. Sorry, but you are dead wrong about clip suspenders. They are strictly for amateurs. With experience, you will find that clips don’t stay clipped, and they become a royal PIA in a hurry. Sew buttons, it isn’t difficult.

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