How to Put on a Quinceanera Dress!

How to Put on a Quinceanera Dress!

*laughing* Hey guys and Happy Holidays! Welcome back to another vlog. Today I’ll be teaching you how to put on your quinceanera dress. Because believe it or not, it’s such a huge
hassle and you want to practice and know how to put your dress on before your party. The day of your quinceanera there’s just so
much going on that morning and you know, you don’t want to struggle so much putting on
your dress because it will take a long time. You don’t wan to get stressed out an emotional,
then start crying and ruin your makeup, because it’ll just get worst. Trust me. The day of my quinceanera, I actually struggled
myself. Nobody knew how to put on my dress, but my
choreography. So thank god I had him around to put on my
dress. Although, it was kind of weird. A very important
tip before you put on your dress. Make sure you wear the proper undergarments
under, just because the crinoline will be on you throughout the whole day. You don’t want red marks all over your body. Make sure you wear high-waisted to mid-waisted
shorts just to cover your waist area and you won’t be so exposed to the crinoline tugging
on your skin. For those of you wondering what to wear under
your dress then I’ll provide the link to an article we wrote down below, on what to wear
under your dress depending on the dress you choose. So like I said, the crinoline goes around
the waist area. The crinoline is pretty much the base under
the dress. There’s two types of crinoline, one of them
usually gives you more of that circular shape for your dress. And the other one is to add volume but the
volume one isn’t always necessary, it just depends on what kind of dress you get. For this one, we’re only going to be wearing
the circular kind of crinoline just because the dress is already puffy enough. Once you put on the crinoline, you just tie
it around your waist and make a nice little knot. And then you can put on your dress. So when you put on your Quinceanera dress,
you want to make sure you put it over, So who ever is helping you out, make sure they
make a clear pathway into the dress. Just because you don’t want to mess up your
hair and makeup. Always have your hands up in front. So it can move everything out of the way,
You can always adjust it, how you need it. This is where your assistant comes and helps
you put lace up your dress, and make sure your strings are even. Then you can kind of zig zag your way through,
from top to bottom. Make sure it’s always top to bottom. You don’t tighten them until all strings are
through the loops. And then you can start tightening it up after. Just tug and pull from top to bottom, once
again. Until everything is nice and you have enough
breathing space and the perfect is just perfectly on you. Once you are done, you can just tie it up
into a little bow or something. After that’s done, you can tuck in all the
extra pieces inside your dress, then zip it up, and woo la. You’re all done. Before I end the vlog I just want to give
a huge thanks to Moda 2000 for letting me borrow this beautiful dress, the crinoline,
and the crown. It’s a good switch up from what I usually
wear. Thank you so much, I’ll link there Instagram
page down below so you guys can check out all the other amazing dresses they have. Comment down below if you have a funny story
to share about putting on your Quinceanera dress. Don’t leave without thumbsing up this video,
don’t forget to subscribe for more videos and I’l see you guys soon. Bye

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  1. Such a helpful video because my friend is having her quince and I am going to help her out her dress on and Happy Holidays to you too 💖💖👑⛄🎄🎁🎉

  2. Thanks soooo much for this video I really need this for the day of my quince plz do more videos like this❤️💖

  3. so helpful my quinceanera is in 6 months and I started planning a little late but this is going to help me so much thank you

  4. I think the Buenos Aires romper that Kylie Jenner worse from fashion nova would work pretty good it covers your body and it’s like a tube top
    Here it is:

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