How to Quilt : Cutting Fabric for a Baby Quilt

How to Quilt : Cutting Fabric for a Baby Quilt

Hi! My name is Shelly Cordsen with Expert We are now going to begin our beginner’s baby quilt and as usual, we always
want to see the finished product first. So you can know what you are working toward and
this is what we will be making and it is baby quilt, center, and three borders. Okay. The
fun part is always choosing your fabrics. These are the fabrics I have chosen; my center,
my first border, second, third and then I got my binding and this will be my backing;
this will make a very fun little boys quilt. The fabric requirements for this quilt are
as follows: One fat quarter which is your 18/22 for your center, one fat quarter will
be enough for your first border. You need 15” of your 44 wide fabric for binding one,
I mean two, three and for binding also 15” that ought to be easy to remember 15” and
then for backing 1 yard of your 44 wide fabric and for batting which is our stuffing in the
middle, I prefer for baby blankets to use a low loft batting. They have got a high loft, low loft, a warm
and natural. You can do a whole class on nothing but batting but for baby quilts, I prefer
the nice soft low loft and you can find this in any fabric department. Now you are ready
to start cutting.

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  1. Since people have been asking. It appears that there are 13 video clips to this tutorial. 1. Terminology made easy 2. Tools & Supply List for quilting 3. Making Quilt Seams 4. Making a baby quilt 5. Cutting fabric for a baby quilt 6. Making borders for a baby quilt 7. Attaching quilt borders 8. Making a sandwich quilt 9. Using a quilt sewing machine 10. Finishing a binding strip on a quilt 11. Sewing quilt bindings 12. Connecting a bias strip to a quilt 13. Trimming quilt edges.

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