How to remove a fabric and plastic festival wristband

How to remove a fabric and plastic festival wristband

okay so this is gonna be a tutorial video this is my first weekend with this type of bracelet for an event I've usually had like the plastic ones with little poppy things I never quite figured out how to get those off without cutting them or sliding my hand through but I looked up another tutorial for this type of wrist Beyond and it was actually easier than I thought the problem was I could only get it to here so once it's on your wrist once it's on your wrist here your toggle is usually about up here and I don't want to put it back on again because I've got it so far down but um what the instructions were was to grab the ends and just twist as tightly as possible and then when you're doing that and it's sometimes it may take two hands to do this and the toggle should theoretically twist and you have to twist and pull at the same time you have to get as tight as possible now I was able to force the wristband down when it was further up I was able to get it down another like two inches so if I were to transfer this wristband to someone else this toggle will easily slide right back up without causing any damage to the bracelet which is cool if you were going to give it to somebody else or you had a friend I actually wish I would have known this over the weekend because I had a friend who wanted to go to the festival but I had the three-day pass and he did want to pay so I got it to about there once I got to the end it was the difficult part like I could not get it past this but it's such a cool ribbon I do you want to save it as a souvenir so at this point I've been instructed that you can just use like a hammer or some pliers to just kind of break the plastic I'm gonna try to hammer it I'm not gonna do it on camera because it's gonna be loud and I don't know if it's gonna work and I'm gonna find a surface to do it on but at that point I'd be able to at least save the ribbon so I'm gonna try that but at least I know the twisting twisting the ends then simultaneously pulling and twisting the toggle should release the teeth enough to get it at least off your wrist so there's another there's a few other tutorials out there I know this one didn't demonstrate it really well because I didn't want to actually hurt my fingers to pull it down but it does work so give it a shot good luck have fun a festival

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  1. Wow! Thank you I put one on my husband a week before the festival playing around I had NO IDEA it wouldn’t come off once it was tightened! I really had a blonde moment! I was worried he was going to have to wear it all week.

  2. No I’m trying to find a plastic wristband because the theme park was expensive and my mum was like “ cut and tape” and I’m like, “nice try but people hands are different size it aren’t going to cover all the way”

  3. If you twist just ONE ribbon side tightly – you'll hear a cracking noise – then keeping it tight just pull down toggle with other hand on the side on the twist and it comes all the way down 🙂

  4. Want to know how to re wear your festival bands without sewing, gluing, or putting snaps in them? Check out the top link on my channel!

  5. Omg ty so much! I went to go see a greenday concert last night, and i got two wristbands, but then it got stuck on me, and i didn't know how to get it off.

  6. Thanks this saved my life I put my moms wristband on not knowing it locks and it got stuck you are the best 🙂 !!

  7. also, you can just use a pair of pliers and hold it down until they break. or try moving around the plastic piece.

  8. I just got back home from the Denver Riot Fest and was trying to get the wristband off and could't figure it out. Thank you this was extremely helpful, and I was able to get it loosened enough to get the wristband off.

  9. Once you got it down so far that you can pull your hand out, you can simply pull the plastic peace off the other side.

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