How to Remove Gum from Fabric

How to Remove Gum from Fabric

How to Remove Gum from Fabric. Sitting in gum is no fun, but trying to get
it off your pants—or shirt or sheets—is the real sticky situation. Nothing a little icy determination can’t handle. You will need A plastic bag Some ice A towel
A butter knife And some liquid detergent or stain remover and a freezer (optional). Step 1. Fill the plastic bag with ice and seal it. Step 2. Pick up the bag of ice using the towel to
keep your hands from freezing. Step 3. Hold the ice against the gum until it freezes—about
15 minutes. If you can, put the entire gummed-up article
in the freezer for a while. Step 4. Crack and scrape off the now-frozen gum with
a butter knife. Step 5. Once the gum is gone, pre-treat any remaining
residue with liquid detergent or stain remover. Step 6. Wash and dry the garment the way you normally
would. Did you know Modern gum made its appearance
in the late 1860s, when chicle—the latex of the sapodilla tree—was first brought
to the U.S.

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  1. @Link57942 but i got a little bit of gum on my jeans and they jeans are rlly dark. and its on the back exactly where my butt is…. wat can i do ??

  2. @myusername94 ok ok I'm sorry, I did it. If it makes you feel any better the same thing happened to my favorite pair of basketball shorts.

  3. chicle was introduced after they discovered the aztecs were found using the element but not as chewing gum but a rubber ball they made in a sport they played.

  4. this is so much bullshit! If they wanted to impress me then they wouldnt have arranged the gum so beautifully on the shirt as if it was placed on there by the tiny, flawless fingers of the Lords angels. Nobody gets gum on themselves like that..i laid on that shit and the only way im getting rid of it, would be if i threw my sweater away. Howcast… you failed me, you wasted my time, you falsely raised my expectations and honestly i have lost all hope in your channel and advice in general. Thanks

  5. So after sacrificing little children to the gods, and cannibalizing their remains, it was time for a little fun!

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