How To Remove Pet Hair From Fabric & Carpet! – Chemical Guys

How To Remove Pet Hair From Fabric & Carpet! – Chemical Guys

– What’s going on, everybody? Welcome to another episode of
Chemical Guys Detail Garage. As you can see by the title, today we’re going to
be going over the topic of how to remove pet hair from
the interior of your vehicle, because the owner of this Toyota 4runner frequently takes this car off-roading, and has recently picked
up a new dog, Mika, who is a beautiful little husky, and she sheds all over the carpet and all over the fabric in this car. So I’m gonna show you how to
remove it, and by doing that, what we’ve done is remove all
the owner’s personal effects, and we’ve kinda removed some
of the bigger, bulkier stuff, and now we’re gonna
show you how to get rid of all that embedded pet hair, using the pet hair rubberized brush, and this has all these rubber bristles that create a static charge that, as you drag it across the carpet, lift up the kinda pet
hairs or hairs in general, and collects upon the brush, and all I have to do is simply
pull it off the surface, or use a bucket of clean
water, rinse it off, and keep on working, and
then what you’re gonna do is take a vacuum and then
get the larger, bulk piles of hair and get that
all out of your vehicle. Now also, being a dog and pet owner, there’s going to be some
kind of lingering odor, so this is going to help
remove some of that odor, and then you can also use
your favorite air freshener or odor eliminator to kind of help revive ambient air in your vehicle, but all you need to do is, basically, take your brush, starting
in a long sweeping motion. You’re going to just pull and drag. You can see you’re gonna
collect a lot of pet hair. I’m also using a sideways motion here, and then you have this
bundled up pile of pet hair. I know it’s kinda hard to
see on this lighter interior but there’s just a lot
of this kinda husky hair that we have inside of here. So, this’ll take a little bit of time. But again, all you’re
using is just this brush. There’s an old school method
that people used to use of just getting rubber gloves,
but the problem with that is, if there’s sticks or rocks
or anything that’s sharp in the vehicle and you’re
running your hand over it, you have the potential to cut your hand, tear your gloves up,
so, this is a lot safer, and also since it has a
rubber coating over it, this isn’t going to damage
your interior plastics, because it won’t scratch it, even if you bang it up against there. It simply pulls all the
kind of embedded hair out of the surface. (bright music) So I’m gonna continue to work my way around
the rest of the vehicle, and in the meantime, you guys
can head out to our website,, to check out the pet
hair brush for yourself, or at your local detail garage. If you like this video, be
sure to give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to drop a comment down below on future videos and as well
as we’ll see you next time, right here on the detail garage. (bright music) (upbeat techno music)

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  1. I have two Pugs and they shead like mad. Not so much on the seats. More so on the floors. It's a definite buy for me.

  2. That was very satisfying to watch! The cars I do have really imbedded dog hair so I'll be buying one one these for sure.

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