23 Replies to “How to Repair a Hole in a T-Shirt”

  1. I have pets and every now and then they get rambunctious or too playful and their paws and claws sometimes have put a hole in a t-shirt or similar material at least the next time this happens I will know my options.

  2. I remember my grandmother darning my socks……….she was even better at it than my mother, and when she was done you could not feel where the repair was made. No hot spots on socks is the toughest thing to do when darning!

  3. Sure doesn't look like a t-shirt to me! Looks more like a small weave sweater or a knit shirt. It's definitely not a t-shirt.

  4. Hey it should be easy to sew a hole in my shirt
    oh there is an alternative
    Come on i'm not trying to craft +3 shirt

  5. Wore my favorite tshirt to work and was so angry to see that I had a small hole developed on the front bottom…bothered me all day! Thanks for this trick! 🙂

    I'll never wear my favorite shirts to work again! Lol

  6. Wished I'd have see this interface method earlier, I've been thread repairing the Mr's shirts.
    No knot and smaller needle would yield a better results with the thread method.

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