How to Repair Car Paint Damage : Spraying Clear Coat on Your Car

How to Repair Car Paint Damage : Spraying Clear Coat on Your Car

Hi, I’m Doug I work with 20 great guys in
St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. Dan is applying the clear coat. Now he is using a big gun with a big
pot with lot of air pressure. When he was doing the repair work, he was using a smaller
gun in order to have greater control of the over spray, the color distribution. Now the
point of getting clear on this is to get enough on there as you can and get it on evenly.
He is not worried about the over spray as much. He is not worried about the over spray
as much, he’s not worried about the material blowing into the air. He is mostly worried
about getting a good even coat on there that is shiny. He has the air pressure backed up
quiet a bit in order to itemize the clear coat better. The air rushing out of the gun
breaks the clear into smaller pieces and he is getting a lot to material on there fast,
he wants good film building and good shine. After he is done spraying the first coat,
it looks like it has dirt in there but that is actually just the metal flake sticking
through the layer of clear that is on the piece right now. The metal flakes are big,
it sticks up, it points out through the clear. We are going to put a number of coats on this
to carry all of that metal flakes so that it is a nice shiny job when we are done.

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  1. no u dont sand the flakes down..u put multiple coats of clear on then if u still can see the bumps in the clear then you wet sand with anything from 1500 to 3000 grit sandpaper then buff to a shine..

  2. and dependin on the clear, reducer, and the temperature time between coats can vary from 10 to 20 minutes depending how the clear is drying

  3. start by usin a degreaser to get any wax residue off of all parts..use clean paper towels and put degreaser on one and use one dry one..wipe on the degreaser then wipe off while sill wet. next begin removing decals or stickers..sand with 180 grit sandpaper and fix any imperfections with body filler. use a good primer then let it dry sand with 320.follow up with 500 or 600 grit.. degrease and tack rag off all surfaces and paint and clear

  4. depends on the paint..and reducer and temperature..usually anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes will be ok..if its around 70degrees it should be dry in about 15 minutes.. when the shine wears off the paint then its usually dry but give it plenty of time and when u go to clear it make sure u use another tack rag to make sure there is less dirt on it.. i use 2 filters when i clear.. so it filters out any lil dirt chunks that may have gotten in there

  5. glad i could help ya! if ya got any questions feel free to ask.. i was in your shoes once also and i had people to help me so if ya need advice or anything dont be afraid to ask.. if i can help by emailing i will and if u need something demonstrated i can try and video one to show how..

  6. Tip for anyone that uses aerosols for clear coating put the can in Luke warm water in a jug will loosen up the clear coat and will expand the gas inside and will apply easier

  7. so ya im thinkin this doug guy is an expert at not knowin what hes doin.. DO NOT USE HIS ADVICE!! if u have questions ask someone else that comments on these pages.. trust me havin someone else give u step by step help is much better than this guy.. i can help.. i dont have any videos but i have helped people off here before. or just ask… someonw will help

  8. I think you need about 3 liters of clear coat, plus thinner and hardener you will get about 4 or little more ready for shooting liquid. But you have to remember that quantity of clear coat you need depends from number of layers you want to shoot. More layers, more paint or clear coat.

  9. can you number the videos in an orderly step by step method? Can you make a list of the steps. Can you show a video with the different guns and tools. Can you talk about air pressure. Can you get rid of bumbo or put him at the end… yeah the bland asskid!

  10. All of these videos sucks because they are less than 2 minutes long. How about a real video, Expertvillage?

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