11 Replies to “How To: Repair Waterproof Fabric”

  1. Can you mix and dilute the seam grip with some kind of thinner so it becomes easier to apply when seam sealing a tent

  2. Is seam grip just for patches, or can you actually make things with it as the bond for seams of bags, etc? Ie, can you seam seal two pieces together and then pull on the two pieces and they won't separate?

  3. Where do I find the gore tex patch material. I bought a kokatat repair kit and it only contained patches with adhesive under a peel strip.

  4. Oh yeah – paint brush and gloves.  duh.  
    I would have  probably glued the bag to the counter and my hands to the bag.  lol

  5. PERFECT!!!  Just what I needed.  Thank you sooooo much.  We are headed to New Zealand and had a hole in one of our bags.  I bought Seam Grip that thought to myself…. This could end up as mess.  The tape idea, the circle idea, inside vs outside, seal the outside.  All may be figured out after several fails – you saved the fails.  Thanks again!  

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