31 Replies to “How To Resin Your Fabric Scraps – Make Jewelry, Buttons, Pins,… by Little Windows”

  1. Beautiful which paper did u use to stick the fabric. I am from India so what should I use, can we put these cutout on to bags n cushion cover r they washable can we make keychain ,s how should v drill a hole in the fabric sorry for asking too many questions thanks dear

  2. would you consider adding captions to your video for deaf and hard of hearing people? I love this video but it can be difficult to those who who don't know what your saying through out the process. thanks for considering and the video 🙂

  3. Would it works in larger area and not break while i sew?
    i'm thinking to make a tote bag with batik, (because it's old and rare, i think i have to preserve it )

  4. Just placed an order. Can't wait to make something. I did order the colour sheets however I was wondering if I could add a resin dye to change the colour. What do you suggest? Thank you.

  5. Thanks for sharing this great idea, but as a doming tray, I might try a Styrofoam meat package tray, I've saved these for years.

  6. Love it but do you have to use little windows to do this amazing artwork or I can use any type of resin

  7. Hi LW, got your resin and molds a year or more ago but haven't had opportunity to use them yet due to moving…will the resin still be OK? Never been opened. I want to use them mainly to make pendants and earrings from fabric. Love your videos, very clear to follow.

  8. Thank you for sharing this wonderful, creative idea using resin, I love this idea, besides fabric, I plan on making these with paper as well.

  9. Can I have more info on the finishing touches you do on the humming bird.. Couldn't quite catch that. Thanks

  10. how do you peel off the white paper from the back? it wasn't in the video and I want to be totally sure because I'm super excited to make these stuff. thank you for the awesome video.

  11. I love this idea, especially about using the paper punches !!! I have bags and bags of beautiful fabrics waiting 🙂 THANK YOU!

  12. Can you do this to faux leather material? If so do you still need to stiffen the material or should the faux material already be strong enough?

  13. That tape is called 3M 467MP if anyone is wondering, Theres also a 3M 300LSE witch is a thin film really strong but if you touch it to itself thats it, its together forever

  14. Nice job! Question: I want to coat fabric with resin and then stamp it on a shirt. I would like to know if that shirt can go in the washer machine. Would resin resist normal washing? Thanks!

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