How to restore lackluster dog coat? How to make your dog’s coat shiny again

How to restore lackluster dog coat? How to make your dog’s coat shiny again

Shiny dog coat is a sign of healthy dog.
Lackluster coat can be a sign of some dog skin disorders, like skin infections or skin
allergies. It is recommended to see a Vet about these types of dog skin problems.
The following tips for glossy dog coat will help you to restore lackluster, but healthy
dog coat. Essential fatty acids are the key to healthy
shiny dog coat. Which is why good quality Omega oil is the best skin and coat supplements
for dogs. Omega 6 is the fundamental fatty acid for
smooth and shiny dog coat. While Omega 3 has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that
help to relieve some common dog skin conditions, like itchy skin, skin allergy, and other inflammatory
skin diseases. So if your dog’s coat looks worn-out, you
may want to add Omega oil to his diet. This is especially valid for dogs on low quality
commercial dog foods, improperly managed homemade diet, or on low-fat diet. These dogs may not
get enough essential fatty acids from the diet to sustain healthy skin and coat.
What’s more, most dogs do not get the right ratio of Omega 3 and 6 from their diet and
therefore benefit from Omega oil supplementation as well.
Regular brushing stimulates the hair follicles and the skin. This increases the natural production
of skin oils that make the coat shiny. You should also bathe your dog regularly,
though not too often. It depends on your dog how often is often enough, but you want to
keep the coat clean without stripping it of its essential natural oils.
Use mild moisturizing shampoo to reduce the risk of irritating the skin.
We all know that oatmeal is good for us, but did you know oatmeal is also good for your
dogs’ skin? Oatmeal bath can help to reduce your dog’s
skin discomfort, by nourishing, moisturizing and soothing dry skin. It also leaves an invisible
protective coating on the dog’s skin, protecting it from further itching.
This is why many hypoallergenic dog shampoos include oatmeal as an ingredient. The oatmeal
helps to prevent skin irritation and leave the coat soft and shiny.
For more information about the benefits of Omega oil for dogs’ coat and skin, visit our

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  1. Tips For Healthy Skin & Glossy Coat

    Shiny dog coat is a sign of healthy dog. This video offers some practical tips that can help you to restore lackluster dog coat.

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