How To Save a Shirt with Graphic Remover

How To Save a Shirt with Graphic Remover

whether you're a t-shirt printing rookie or a seasoned veteran everyone makes mistakes when decorating apparel so in this week's tip jar we're going to show you how you can save those ruined garments with stahls lettering solvent remover here I've heat applied my design with thermo-film and as you can see I forgot to capitalize the first letter of my name this will show you how you can save a garment when the name is wrong I'll start by using my Styles lettering remover solvent and a plain white cloth to make sure there's no fading in the garment make sure to test the solvent first in an inconspicuous spot I've chosen under the arm now I'll moisten my cloth and begin to wet the back of the vinyl letter to make sure I only get the T and not the rest of my design I'm using my hand on the front as a guide once the back of the letter is moistened I can begin to peel off the front letter if you have any residue left over simply rub the letter and remove or solvent over the adhesive and the rest should come right off now to complete my garment I'll heat apply the correct letter to make sure that I line up the letter with the rest of the name I'm going to use a ruler as a guide that's it we've saved one shirt now what about those mistakes where a piece of vinyl stuck to the carrier and was actually heat applied like we've done here fixing this mistake is much easier than making another shirt just watch again I take my Stahl's lettering your River solvent and test it in an inconspicuous spot to ensure that there's no color fade on my shirt using a cotton swab I'm going to wet the back of the unwanted vinyl and then I'll be able to peel it off again we were able to save a shirt in only a matter of seconds thanks for watching this week's tip door for more information on the products you've seen here visit us online at

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  1. Can this work to remove your reflective cad cut from a soft shell polyester jacket without staining ?

  2. What i wanna know is who is making these gangster O G beats for stahls 😀

  3. does this work with shirts that are older? I got one from someone and I don't like the lettering on it and just wanna remove it.

  4. Hi, I have a tshirt with what seems to be a digital print on it – the printed logo feels like plastic. I guess it might be vinyl. I would really like to remove the print. The tshirt is 100% cotton. I was wondering if the solvent you used in the video might work on a cotton tshirt and does that solvent usually leaves spots and/or smells on clothes? What is the best way to wash the clothe after? Thank you in advance for the info 😊

  5. hi. great video. quick question. i want to buy a jacket that has letters that i dont want and want to remove them..but this is not a just printed , so how can i remove them?

  6. Im going to assume that during the first removal you didn't actually touch the solvent.
    That chemical is not safe to touch or breath..


  8. Can I Know WHat's The Name of The Kindda Plastic… paper….you place the ink..!
    Answer ASAP

  9. Can I Know WHat's The Name of The Kindda Plastic… paper….you place the ink..!
    Answer ASAP

  10. Methylene Chloride should NEVER be used like that! It is a deadly toxin that has been killing people since the 1940s. Read the label!

  11. Hi there, thank you for sharing. Would this work in a plastisol graphic or it is just for vinyl? Thanks

  12. great tip, but I have a question. How would I remove a graphic from a bag that has a second layer behind it?

  13. I have a soccer jersey and I took my name off but I can still see the glue or the sticky part from the letter how can I take it off

  14. Is she insane? This stuff can cause cancer! I know how to use this stuff, I'm only researching to see what protection methods people were using. She should wear better protection when using that stuff, a face mask and gloves.

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