How To Scotchgard Fabric: Protect & Treat Light Colors | SEWING REPORT

How To Scotchgard Fabric: Protect & Treat Light Colors | SEWING REPORT

hey everybody Jennifer here with the
sewing report and I wanted to share a quick tip with you when working with
light colored fabrics in the past but I’ve been sewing and quilting and i’m
working with something like colors like this dinosaur print I noticed that inevitably i would get
some stains or some mysterious marks you know at the end and I don’t know why
my hands were clean and my sewing machine area was clean but somehow you
know it just kept getting marked up and that is very frustrating when you spend
a lot of time working on a project so i actually started before cutting or
ironing into my favor I started treating light color fabric
with scotchgard and i’ve used this special variety that’s just for grammar
and i’ve also used regular scotch garden both seemed to work pretty well and what
I was making this quilt that you see right here and actually really helps
with the white background fabric this is my first project that has been
staying our mark free so pretty exciting stuff and i will wake a place where you
can buy scotchgard it comes with a 2 pack and you can get it from amazon
fairly inexpensive and but before he tried on your fabric i would recommend
testing a small spot just to make sure it doesn’t discolor however i have
experienced that a little bit with cream fabric but then when i laundered that
you couldn’t tell anymore so but try it out first just to know you don’t destroy
you forever so i’m going to show you a little
demonstration of how i do this and come along with me and I’ll show you ok this part is super easy all you have
to do it let your fabric on the floor try to get
it as flat as possible okay now you’re going to take your
Scotchgard and shake it really well it’s taylor swift there let’s shake it
off and now we’re going to start spraying and what I’m going to do is I’m
trying really not to get scratched on the carpet as much as i can so I’m just
gonna stand over it and spray a light coat about 16 inches you don’t need a ton of it but i usually
about to light post the fabric and down you’re going to let this sit i usually
just let it sit for about 30 minutes and then five additional pieces of fabric I will do the same thing but you can
actually kind of stacked on top of each other overlap it and keep doing that
until you have all your light colored fabric dog so now that you’ve got your fabric
scotch proof I like to let it set usually for about a half an hour to dry
and let the Scotchgard soak in and then I’ll go back and do the same thing
with all of the other lighter colored fabrics you don’t really need to do this to the
dark fabrics just because of that gets a mark on it no one’s really going to see it so i
usually only do it to my color forever especially since Scotchgard does cost
money so hopefully this tip helps you with
your sewing projects and be sure to give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment
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notified of all the latest videos thanks for watching I’m Jennifer more see you next time

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  1. The marks on your light colored fabric may be from tiny amounts of machine oil that come out of the sewing machine. I don't think that you can avoid that completely. When I used to sew, after oiling my machine I had to stitch a few yards of stitching (back and forth through just a couple feet of material) on a cloth that I wasn't going to use for any project to clean up most of the "extra" oil that gradually comes out of the machine.

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