12 Replies to “How to sew a garment with a fully smocked bodice | Children's Corner Jamie View C”

  1. That pleater is one of the most amazing devices I think I've ever seen! I didn't even know they existed until watching this video but now I really want to hunt one down!

    And thank you for the wonderful smocking tutorial, I'm making a dress for my sister that has a fully smocked bodice and your tutorial is going to be a huge help! 🙂

  2. Really beautiful dress. Love this fabric. I have the Jamie pattern and I really like how you line your bodices (unlike the pattern specifies) because you are creating a more beautifully finished garment. Baby Audrey is adorable. Question- if I leave the selvage edge (love this idea) will the skirt be cut in the opposite direction than the pattern indicates? I plan to try this soon.
    Thank you for your detailed and perfectly demonstrated videos. They are very helpful and inspiring!

  3. Thank you for showing such beautiful dress.
    Can you tell me the measurements in metres required for three year old girl

  4. Sarah you always sewing such marvelous dresses 👗 love the way you say very very understanding and your baby 👶 also very cute waiting for more videos thanks for sharing and god bless you Sarah

  5. Thanks for the wonderful video. Do you wash all of you fabrics before making the garment? And where do you get your garment stands? Again thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your videos. Peace and blessings.

  6. Sarah, you always sew such beautiful baby clothes! Makes me wish I had another child…! ~ Blessings ~

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