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notified every time I post a new video Today’s tutorial is this maxi floor length circle dress and also basic bodice pattern testing if you need help drafting your
basic bodice please check out my video on how to draft a basic bodice pattern in
the description box the link will be there the things you need for this
tutorial is on the screen using the basic bodice pattern I drafted
previously for this tutorial I’ve gone ahead and added 1/2 inch seam allowance
I’m using half inch because I’m testing out this pattern 1 inch zip allowance
and also 1/2 inch at the shoulder note that the back shoulder is longer or
should I say the back bodice is longer by half an inch than the front bodice
you remember previously that we added ease to our pattern while drafting I’m
going to take out the ease only on the back pattern that is half an inch ease not
in a straight manner based in a curvy way this will help reduce bulging or gapping
at the back of our dress this part or this step is totally optional but I
can’t help it’s just a secret to make the back of a dress especially the fitted ones to lay flat without unnecessary bulging so having done that I’m going ahead to extend my neck width from 3 inches to 5 inches but the
neck deep remains I’m going to cut that out but you could
make the neck deep of your choice it doesn’t necessarily have to be what I am
making haven’t made all this arrangement if you will be showing the side dart in
addition to the Waist dart take whatever inch you used for the side dart out of your
back own bodice in my case my side dart is one inch so I’m going to take out one
inch from the back bodice from the side not I’m not going to take it straight
on, I’m going to take it in a curve way well I’m just going to mark it and keep
then I’ll show you what could happen if you neglect this advice so at this point
I’m going to just go ahead Ignore my advice of taking the 1 inch and cut my
fabric and my lining using the pattern without deduction ok here is my pattern
and my fabric cut I’m going to go ahead and notch I notch coz notches helps in easy assembling of my dress you should try it next will be to go ahead and
transfer darts i’m going to do that by hand by marking it out because I don’t want any
mistakes since we are testing out this pattern okay sewing time take to your machine and sew the neckline right sides together sew the back and the front neckline
having done that notch be careful not to cut the seam turn it over and it’s time to
sew the darts after sewing the darts it’s time to join the back and the front
bodice together at the shoulder right sides together place the lining to the
lining the fabric to the fabric sew with your seaming allowance after sewing open the shoulder seam
press it open you can iron it then turn it for it to lie flat I’ve gone
ahead and attached sleeves it’s time to close the sides so if you
had not, or ignored taking out the inch from the back bodice like I’d advise
this is what will happen back bodice will be longer than the front like I had
ignored my own counsel so yeah I’m going to cut out from the bodice so I would have
the exact amount and I will place it on my fabric mark it out only on the back bodice then
I’m going to go ahead mark it out and cut after cutting it out the side is even
you can sew it and leave about 2 inches opening to attach the skirt here, I’ll finish showing it leaving the
opening I am going to go ahead and take the measurements of the top that’s the
width of the top including the seaming allowance sorry about that so I’m going
to write that down and cut the pockets before moving to make the skirt part
that’s circle skirt part the pocket opening I don’t have a pattern for that
I’m just making sure that the opening is 7 inches then I’ll place my hand and
just make it round just like so I’m just retracing that and I will cut it out
that will form my pocket you need four pieces of this now for the skirt the
circle skirt fold your fabric in half like so and fold it to form a triangle
to know how much fabric to fold divide your blouse circumference the one you
measured out with the seeming allowance by 3.14 and add your skirt length
including your seeming allowance to it whatever you have that is how much you
should fold by the time you finish folding it into a triangle like this go ahead and
take out the result of your waist circumference divided by 3.14 that will
form your Waist area and that is what I’m going to take out and cut out at this
point then the remaining will be your skirt length
make sure that you measure its forming a circle
or should I say semicircle with it get your measurement done properly and you cut it out if you need a detailed tutorial on how to
cut a circle skirt with pockets just let me know whatever questions that is
uncleared in this video please ask your question in the comment section and I
get back to you after cutting your lower dress fold it in half and fold it
again like so make sure that you’re folding it in like hallf and folding it
again like so notch the middle make sure that this part is onfold as you’ve seen
just watch the screen so that by time you’re dividing it’s at the midpoint
you’re going to have three piece making the open side to house you see zipper
allowance cut it at the midpoint you should have
something like this the midpoint should be able to fit to the middle of your top
like so and the other part should be able to fix
to be fixed to your back bodice or to the back of your blouse to add pockets
I’m just going to arrange my skirt that is the lower part of my dress then I’m
going to arrange it measure five inches from the waist area give that a mark
and another seven inches from the five inch mark that is where my pocket will lie
I’m going to go ahead and notch so that it reflects in all the sides after
notching I’m going to pin my pocket in place and sew with my seam allowance for my case I used half an inch seam allowance of 0.5 inch seam allowance half an inch seam allowance i’ll go ahead and sew after
sewing i top stitch this part is optional but it just makes the whole
process looks neat so I’m going to go ahead and attach my blouse to the down part of my dress right sides together at this point is just the finishing attach the
blouse hem the site using your seaming allowance your pocket should be together
when you hem go around just like what I’m showing you on the screen then after
that you attach your zip and hem the bottom of your dress your dress should
be ready at this point so just for a bonus I went ahead and sew
a belt that I could use we did so whatever question you have or you
seem unclear about anything feel free to ask the questioner as long as it
concerns this sewing everything fits perfectly as long as this bodice testing
is going so do well to draft your own basic bodice pattern and if we need help
drafting it or any part was unclear please make sure that you ask a question
and I can get back to you in subsequent video maybe video tutorial or
something thank you please enjoy don’t forget to subscribe and like this video
if it was helpful thank you.


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