How to Sew a Pillowcase Style Dress

How to Sew a Pillowcase Style Dress

today I’m going to teach my daughter how to make a pillowcase dress for the dress a girl charity the dress a girl charity distributes
dresses free of charge throughout the world believing that every girl deserves a
dignity about owning at least one dress we utilize their instructions for making
appropriate pillowcase style dress the materials you need, the armhole pattern sizing guide and label from the dress a girl website 100 percent cotton fabric or pillowcase
double fold wide bias tape, elastic, fusible web and sewing notions use the sizing guide
to determine the size dress you will be making lay out your fabric. make a
small cut and one end and tear this is a good way to check if your fabric
is nice and square fold the torn edges together check the
selvedge edges to see if they line up the savage edge is the finished edge
measure the length use in the sizing guide and cut with a rotary cutter and straight edge pin the selvage edge making sure the
right sides are together stitch the seam using 3/8″ seam allowance press the seam open using a seam gauge fold up the hem one-inch and press fold up the hem another inch and press pin or clip the hem and stitch close to
the folded edge at this point you can add cute trim if
desired make sure you back stitch every time you end a row of stitching to
keep everything nice and secure lay arm hole pattern on the fabric and trace reinforce stitch the seam below the armhole to keep the seam from coming apart once the armhole is cut make a small cut on the fold side to
mark the center of the arm hole open and press the rest to the
side seam make the front and back casings this is a fabric tube that the elastic will pass through one quarter inch on the edge then fold down another one inch and
press. you can us a pounding block to help heat set the folds pin or clip the casing and stitch close to the top edge and again
close to the fold edge measure the elastic using the sizing guide mark the end and the center of the piece. Cut the end only use a safety pin to insert the elastic
secure the elastic to the casing edge continue to feed the elastic through the
casing until you see the mark sew the elastic
to the casing and cut cut the bias tape to the appropriate length finish the end by placing a small piece a feasible web inside the bias and press fusible web is
like glue when heated with an iron finish with pinking shears now it’s time to add the bias tape to the
armholes with the center of the bias tape marked
line this up the center the armhole pin or clip in the place bias tape has
two sides one wider than the other the wider side
goes on the inside of the garment stitch making sure to secure the bias at
the top of each casing add the dress a girl label the label on the outside shows others
that the recipient of your dress is under the care of an
organization check for loose threads and Press out the armhole bias and we’re done what we learned. once you master sewing a pillowcase dress, you can probably finish in an hour or two be sure to pick up the right sized bias tape there are lots of options to choose from not all fabric is nice and square. you need to check every piece after lining up the top torn edges, if the selvage edges do not line up like this example use a straight edge to create a usable rectangle of fabric although you can use a pillow case I
found it difficult to find appropriate ones that’s why use fabric be sure to choose
a child appropriate fabric nothing see-through you can’t go wrong
with nature inspired prints and colors these are my new favorite tools. the clover wonder clips wonder clips they come in a 50 count package and you can use then in place of pins the dress a girl labels can
be ordered from their website or you can print your own at home dress a girl is just one option for donating your complete dresses. check the web for other charitable organizations or local
missions this is the second year I’ve made dresses. I used the dress a girl label but send them directly to a church in
New York City that does extensive mission work in Africa remember, you don’t have to
be an expert just give it a try get out there and DIY you did a really good job today mom, thanks

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  1. This project just exemplifies your giving and loving personalities! You have not changed in all the years I've known you both! Love your project…for a great cause.

  2. The link for the actual pattern is not working for me. On the organization's site, I see the Dress section but cannot find the basic pattern. Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can get started. Thank you, wonderful video and GOD BLESS!

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