How to Sew Scrappy Christmas Tree Ornaments from Fabric Scraps – DIY Project

How to Sew Scrappy Christmas Tree Ornaments from Fabric Scraps – DIY Project

today we're making Christmas tree Christmas ornaments out of fabric scraps you of course will need a pile of fabric scraps you'll need a backing fabric a piece of felt or a piece of cotton batting and some ribbon for hanging I've cut my backing fabric the same size as my felt I'm using a 5 by 7 piece because that's the piece of scrap felt I had if you do a 5 by 9 piece you actually will be able to get three ornaments out of it right now with my piece I can get to one immense out of this my first step is to take my backing fabric and have it right side down have my felt right on top of it and then I'm going to take one of my fabric scraps I'm going to put it right side down corner to corner I'm going to take this to the Machine and I'm going to do a quarter inch stitch quarter corner to corner right along this edge here I'm going to run this right off the edge when I'm finished now I can either finger press this down or I can take it to the iron and iron it if you iron it down be very careful if you using the felt because it will melt now I'm taking another fabric strip I'm going to put it right sides together match the raw edges I'm going to do another quarter inch seam down the side and again either finger press open or take it to the iron and then we'll grab another scrap match Rajas and we're gonna continue doing that until we come to the corner I just put my last piece down and now I'm at the corner I'm gonna fold that over flip it around now I need to work on this side so I have another fabric scrap what I'm doing again is face down I'm gonna match this sewn edge to the raw edge of this one and we're gonna stitch it like we've been been stitching if you wind up having an extra long tail go ahead and cut that off if it's a short tail there's no worries because we'll be cutting that off in a little bit the long tails are nice to cut off because you might need it again before you get to this corner again press it and then another strip right let's keep going until we get to the corner again I've made it back to my corner again I'm going to take this to the iron now I'm going to press all of this down so this is what we have it doesn't look very attractive but if you turn it over you can see your base piece we're gonna trim all around to match it to this size before we do our next step when we cut the edges this is what we have this is what we have on the front side we're gonna actually use the backside to do our cutting in our tracing you'll need a pattern of some kind I just cut mine out of paper you could also use a cookie cutter or just make up your own we're gonna trace one here and we're gonna flip this around and trace the other here this is where if you had a five by nine piece of fabric you could actually get a third one in over here but this was the only size felt a scrap felt I had so that's what we're gonna do I'm just gonna trace around the edge of the pattern when I flip it over and I'm gonna do the same on this side but we're gonna do you might not be able to see those marks but I can see them I'm gonna take this to the Machine and I'm going to stitch right on the inside of these lines these lines are actually our cutting lines so I'm going to go in and do a quarter inch eight inch seam right on the inside all the way around when I get to the top though we need to treat that's different because of our ribbon now as we're stitching on the inside of these trees we actually are going to need to do a front stitch in a back stitch from the backpack be sure to pivot at the corners you get to the top of the tree where the ribbon will go actually take it out of the Machine and then I'm going to pull some of my seams apart a little bit from the back and I'm going to put the ribbon ribbon down into the top of that there probably is an easier way to do this I just don't know it so I'm going to push this down into the tip of it and then I'm going to want to make sure when I stitch around the tip of the tip top of the tree that I catch that ribbon in there and I usually do a couple back and forwards when I think I have the ribbon there hug on your ribbon to see if it's secure and mine is okay now I'm going to go over to this other tree here and I'm going to do the same you're finished you're gonna have something that looks like this now you're gonna take your pinking shears and go back over your line that you drew around those trees when you get to the ribbon you're gonna want to move the ribbon and back out of the way as you do your cutting so you don't accidentally cut your ribbon when you're finished here's what you come up with you can also go back and do some decorative stitching across it if you'd like ready to hang on a tree Christmas tree ornaments out of scrap fabrics

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  1. Great used as a little addition to a christmas package attached in the ribbon. I received one years ago and still love it. Thanks for sharing your scrappy tut 🎄

  2. I've added some Christmas tree templates of different sizes you can download for free here:

  3. Sewwwww DARN CUTE!!!! (Use a Stilletto Gadget or half of a Skewer wooden stick help insert and hold the Ribbon On.. LUV Em! TFS :O)

  4. Girl Scouts are going to love this. Making gift for Christmas. Thank you Deb! Pat – South Padre Island, Texas

  5. Wow – brilliant. Something useful for my fabric stash! Thanks for posting, wish I had seen it sooner.

  6. I just found this. Terrific idea. I do cross stitch too and I think beads sewn onto it would look like little bitty ornaments maybe.

  7. Oh I have got to make some of these! This a great scrap buster! I have tons of scrap jelly roll strips

  8. Love these little trees. And the technique is so great. You could use it to make a quilt or a runner. More videos like this please 😁

  9. Love it!  Guess what I will be making for my tree this Christmas??  Thanks for the great tute!

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