How To Shirr Fabric | Shirring Tutorial

How To Shirr Fabric | Shirring Tutorial

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  1. Thanks Annika! Not sure, I'll be able (or patient enough) to do this, but your videos always make me feel more confident in trying to sew anything in general… – you break it down so well and make it sound less scary. Thanks especially for sharing mishaps/mistakes/problems with us! It's much more helpful than just seeing the smooth process where everything goes right! =)

  2. So after adjusting all the stitch legenth and tensions I'm still not getting it? And I cant find how to adjust bobbin?

  3. Woah i stopped watching your videos for like a month or two or three….. what the hell happened here?!?!?!???

  4. Awesome video! I can’t believe how great your quality has gone up since you began. I was worried for your hands in this video tho. Hope they weren’t too sore afterwards

  5. This looks like an interesting technique. I still need to get better at the basics though. I made a few very basic things and had plans for what I wanted to do next, but then I started doing 2 radios shows and suddenly had no time. Now I'm no longer doing the shows, I'm catching up on my various projects (helping a friend edit a movie, finishing my band's 4th album and learning to sew). Once the album is done, I'll get stuck into the sewing again, I'm going to try and turn an old t-shirt into a sort of pillow/soft toy (it has a gorilla on it).

  6. I appreciate your tutorials and project videos so much! your channel is just so fun and educative at the same time <3

  7. Thank god, simpler seeing machines make changing bobbin thread tension much easier. Mine Janome has special wheel for it. (But my grandmother's Chaika from Soviet Union — not:( But now I know how to change it there! Thank you!:) )

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