How to shop for clothes online & measure garments | Pro tips | Justine Leconte

How to shop for clothes online & measure garments | Pro tips | Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. First day back in the office after the holiday, it started with me having forgotten my password so I couldn’t start my computer which is a sign that the time off went well! And then I started filming this video right here without the microphone on. Yeah, so I am not completely here yet, but I am here. Today I’d like to share some useful tips for online shopping in clothing. I’d like to tackle quality, sizing, shipping and payments, not necessary in that order. We’ll see (laughter). Basically, it’s about choosing the right size and the right fit, but that varies so much from one brand to the other, one website to the other, that it’s not easy if you don’t know exactly how. So, here’s how. EU sizes First of all, forget about the size that you think you are. If you’re usually, “usually”, a size 10, you might still be a size 6 or a size 14, on the website that you’re looking at right now. So instead of trusting your intuition, check the size table, and look for that EU size, ’cause that’s the most reliable sizing system across countries, internationally. That’s the one that always means the same. Take your measurements and see, objectively, which EU size you are. Number 2, Looking at the model. You need to see a picture of an actual person wearing the garment you’re looking at otherwise, you’re very likely to buy something that’s not gonna fit. That’s obvious. And then, looking at the girl, see how tall she is and which size she’s wearing. If she’s as tall as you, has your body type, and wears size S, then you probably need a size S. If you’re shorter, then the garment will fall longer and it also changes the fit, so that’s a bit trickier. If you’re thinner, it will look like it’s boxy and you can consider going one size down if you like proper fitting. So the size matters, the height matters, but also the body type, again. If the model is a rectangle (typical model body – long and lean, almost no curves), and you’re a pear with larger hips, then consider going one size up to be comfortable enough at the hip level. Number 3: Garment length That’s a tricky one, especially if you have, let’s say, more curves than normal models, which is the case of pretty much everyone. I will show you how to measure the length of a garment, properly, with a tape measure, and how to measure your own length, so that you can decide if it’s long enough for your body and for your tastes. For a T-shirt, you measure the back from the highest points, which is where the neck meets the shoulder, and down to the hem, going straight down. So, that’s the length of my T-shirt. Then you do the same on yourself, placing the tape measure here, where the neck meets the shoulder, and going straight down X-centimeters, what you just measured on the T-shirt, and you see, “Is that long enough for my tastes?” or, “Is it not covering my belly enough? Where do I want that T-shirt to end at the bottom?” That’s the length that you would actually need. Then when you’re measuring a dress, you start exactly at the same point, as well. It’s just that the length is gonna be longer. The method is strictly the same. For a shirt, you need to take the bust into account, too, so you will measure your front side from the highest point to the hem. For the sleeves, start measuring where the arm meets the shoulder which is usually where the shoulder seam is placed, so if you have a T-shirt on, you can just follow that point. And then bend your arm and measure the length you want with the arm bent. It’s important to bend your arm when you measure a sleeve length where you want it to end, because if you measure with the arms straight, it’s gonna give you a shorter number. And then when you cross your arms or raise your hand, typically, it shrinks, and you’re gonna feel like the sleeves are too short. That’s because they are too short in the first place. Always bend your arm when you measure a sleeve length. For a skirt, you can measure the back in the center. If you see a seam with a zipper, like here you can just follow the seam, that’s super easy, and that gives you the total length of that skirt. And then for pants, you need to know the waist measurement, all round, the hip measurement – that’s classic, same on a skirt – and then you need to know also the in-seam length. Follow the inside seam, which is the one going from crotch to the hem between the legs. It’s the same method for jeans or regular trousers. Number four: check the fabrics. You might find out that you’re actually in between two sizes in the table, based on your measurements. In that case spandex is a good to look for in the fibre content. You only need one to five percent of spandex in the garment, in the fabric, to make it a lot more flexible… Stretchable…so you’re gonna have space when you move. If you find spandex in a…in a…fabric you can buy the garment of the lower size if you’re in between two. Alternatively, you can buy something that’s in knitted fabrics. Knits, by definition, stretch more so they give you the comfort that you need. You can go for the lower size. But, if you’re looking at a fabric that is woven, not knitted, and contains no spandex, it’s gonna be super stiff. It’s not gonna move when you move. So in that case, I would rather go for the bigger size of the two, if you’re in between two to make sure you have enough space to move. Next point: check the dimensions. Especially when shopping for accessories, like, for instance, a purse. Check the dimensions before you purchase. If you can’t find them ask the customer service before you purchase, because typical case: purses shown like this. Just a back shot. You don’t have a hand holding it, you don’t have a body behind, you can’t tell how big it is. Maybe it’s like this. Maybe it’s like that. You just don’t know. Same thing for bracelets. When you see… …one size item, which is very common in fantasy jewelry, make sure that the length is stated somewhere and that it’s long enough to actually go around your wrist without being too tight otherwise you’re never gonna wear it and you’re gonna have to return it. Number 6: the return and exchange policy. Usually, there is a dedicated section at the bottom of each commercial website, with all that information. Some brands will ship to more countries than they accept returns from. Or the returns will not be free for all the countries. If that’s the case, then the brands have to legally state it in that section. So it’s worth having a quick look down there. Number seven: very important. Secured websites. If the website you’re looking at to shop starts with “https dot double slash” (https.//), the ‘s’ means secured. It means that the data is encrypted and that is safer, if not perfectly safe. It never is, but it’s much better if you have the ‘s’ after the ‘http’. If you don’t have that, at least for the check out and payment section of the shopping experience, then your contact data and your payment details are probably not safe. I would strongly recommend not to buy on websites that don’t have the ‘s’ in the URL. If the data leaks, then it’s your problem afterwards and I would just stay away from such websites. They don’t have the basics right, you don’t know what else could go wrong in the process. When you shop online it’s better to take a bit more time before hitting purchase, even though it’s so easy – just a few clicks – to check that you have those points down To make sure you have the right garment, the right size, the right length, and that you don’t have to deal with the return process, at all. I hope you found those tips useful and that you feel better equipped for the next time you go shopping for clothing online. If that’s the case, thumbs up! Thank you so much! On this channel there is a new fashion video every Wednesday and Sunday. So if you have subscribed, and if you hit the bell, you will get a notification every time there is something new. Take care. Bye-bye!

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  1. Again(as always) very useful & delightfully watchable.
    You look refreshed- I really enjoyed your holiday video- stunning spot!
    Back to work always a bit of a shock to the system!

  2. So, anyone my height (5'1"/155cm) able to find a maxi dress or skirt? Even the petite models are taller than me… ๐Ÿ™ Oh, and I am an hourglass, so stretchy is a must. Oh, and I need to get serious about fair trade. I don't care that maxi dresses make petite girls look even shorter. I think they are pretty.

    Finding a proper maxi skirt or dress may be my lifetime quest. Thank you for your help and tools, Justine.

  3. I notice that when I buy clothes from a US website, I need to choose S size because their cutting is so big. But when I shop at an Australian website, I need to choose M size as their cutting is smaller. And I always need to alter the length because I am only 5 ft 4!!

  4. Wow, I actually sew my own clothes and never knew you're supposed to measure sleeve length with the arm bent. Can you tell us what is the correct length for a jacket sleeve — wrist, knuckles, somewhere in between?

  5. Hello Justine your videos are fabulous but I want u to do more drawing tutorials (with colouring if u can)

  6. me this morning: get up at 6, send all kids to school, 6.45 make myself a coffee and ENJOY THIS VIDEO with my mug – what a great start od the day ๐Ÿ˜€ MISSED YOU, Justine and thank you for those tips! Prefer to buy second hand label clothing online for my CAPSULE WARDROBE (ecologic and economic reasons as well as the quality issue ๐Ÿ˜‰ – loving it) and this helps a lot!

  7. Great info!
    Highly recommend you on
    .They are looking for people who can give tips, recommendations In any field
    (Especially if you do it as a hobby)

  8. And yet an other great video! Learned a few things again … https –> s = safe/safer. ๐Ÿ‘
    Being short, but sturdy build … it's never easy to shop for clothes, either in regular stores or on-line. With t-shirts I often struggle with the neckline, it might look like a decent neckline on the model … but not on me, showing far too much cleavage and sometimes barely covering up those 2 ladies at all. I know that now and usually shop for a different neckline (polo and such).
    It's a good thing I know how to sew … and if need be alter the pattern of the piece I'm about to make (know how to draw patterns from scratch too).

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  10. I have had so many issues with purchasing clothing online that I have decided to NEVER do it again. So much mucking around, wasting money, etc. There are too many discrepancies in sizing and I like to feel the fabric and see its quality. Now I buy books and that's about it!

  11. Not at all relevant to the topic but you've got gorgeous tan!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ that holiday really did you wonders. A much needed break I'd say! ๐Ÿ˜‰ glad you're back though. โ˜บ๏ธ

  12. Your content is just pure gold. I am so glad that I found your channel! I feel so well informed about such generally unnoticed things, Justine. Greetings from India and also, your smile floors me <3

  13. Good and useful tips, but the part with "https" is not accurate.

    Yes, https is "safer", but you need that secured link only when you give the shop sensitive data (like your credit card number). That is really rare. Usually the shop uses third party way of payment: gate of renowned bank, paypal or something like that. These are the pages you should check for https. I strongly recommend to check that the adress line of that gate has lock image (like youtube does) – and has green highlight – it means you are not looking at fake web. Fake webs can also be using https protocol.
    Also, https only preventing "overhearing" the data, so it means the communication is safe. The data still could be stolen – for example: if you save your payment data on the page for next time, it means that it is stored on server and https is no longer does anything with them or have anything to do with the way how the data are stored.

    Https is becoming a standard, so every bigger page should use it, but if you want to buy something from small local brand or starting entrepreneur website, which could not yet afford to pay for re-coding its page to https, it is still pretty safe, as long as they are using safe bank aplication to handle the payment.

    Point – the shop does not have to use https, the page you give the credit card number must. Check the https, the lock and green highlight in the adress line – it quarantee that the page is genuine. Whenever you are in doubt, do not pay with credit card and better choose to pay cash on deliver, even if it means to pay for that possibility.

  14. …oooooor you can pay with PayPal and keep your financial details safe as all you have to share is the email! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. After having kids I do shop a lot more online than I did before. Actually going to the shops is not as fun if you have two little ones in tow. But I do end up returning a lot of my purchases, so I will see if your tips can help me change that.

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  17. Hi Justine, this information is REALLY useful for me as I do mostly ALL of my shopping online (for clothes & other items). I suffer with severe chronic back and left leg pain which limits my mobility a great deal. I cannot walk but a few steps without ending up feeling excruciating pain, so I tend to avoid going out to the shops directly myself to buy things I need or want. So all of these little tips (except the https one, I knew that one already, my brother is an I.T. professional, and he makes sure I know all those related things!๐Ÿ˜‹) you've given us here are wonderful tools for me to use while going about shopping online. So Justine, thank you so very much for posting this video.

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    women would look more elegant with a looser fit. Clothes
    with horizontal wrinkling in the skirt are definitely too tight.

  19. I always know I'm going to learn something new when I watch your videos Justine. Great idea about using the EU size. I never thought about using that. I only use it when it is the the only option. Have a wonderful day!

  20. How did I get to be 54 years old without knowing some of this information?? Thank you so much for taking the time to teach your viewers this.

  21. Hello Justine! You mentioned that if you buy expensive clothes doesn't necessary mean that they are well made and from quality fabrics. I wonder which trade marks are etirely good quality?

  22. Great video, as always! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thumbs up! Just a comment on the security issue… Paypal! Paypal is easy and safe, and their customer service is very, very good. They will refund even if you're scammed on ebay etc. and the fault lies with the person selling something. They will also take legal action on your behalf, if I remember correctly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. hi justine, I have to say you make really amazing videos al the time with relly usefull tipps. I find especially the videos about sustainable produced clothes interessing. But I never really know in what shops I could buy these kinds of clothes. Most of the time it isn't very transparent on the websites how and where they produce and they always claim to produce sustainably. Do you know in which shops there are clothes worth their money? Because I'm always scared that I pay too much and the quality and the production is still very bad. Could you name some of those shops that would be very helpful!

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  31. Although my body type is very similar to models body, I still don't feel confident to buy on line. I just can't trust, every brand size differs .

  32. Thank you Justine very informative. Now days I mostly buy clothing online and these tips were very useful. Merci x

  33. Good tips so your viewers are informed. Measurements are important with bags and clothes. It is better to be cautious so you don't have to return items that surprise and disappoint. Better to take time investigating products and the best deals after considering all the terms and conditions of agreements to return and exchange or get you money back.

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  37. Doing an informative video on online shopping is absolutely brilliant. I live in the Middle East and while I am on a limited budget and don't do much shopping, additional challenges are having a disability (making clothes-shopping often difficult) and not having a car, therefore what shopping I do is nearly always online, from the States. You have shared such helpful information! I especially appreciate your tip on how to measure for sleeve length. I am so glad I've found you (just yesterday) and have benefitted already. Thank you so very much, and best to you.

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    Could you also make a video on online shopping where one buy popular clothes(styles) that look unflattering on most women?
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  47. A lot of brands and online-shops don't even tell you the measurements, or maybe only the lenth of the item (torso), nothing more :-/

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