How To Shorten a Dress Shirt Sleeve

How To Shorten a Dress Shirt Sleeve

Hi, my name is Angie, thank you for checking out my video in this video, I’m going to show you how to shorten a dress shirt sleeve The first thing you’re going to do is take off the cuff In this process you need to be careful to not Rip the fabric Or tear it because are some very tight stitches here Afterwards you’re going to remove the placket button and Then remove the placket you’re going to start with a larger flap piece on top Again being very careful not to tear the fabric Or make holes in it then when that’s finished you’re going to start on the smaller Piece under underneath it Now I have to shorten this sleeve by an inch and a half so when I get the placket taken off I’m going to measure up from the bottom up 1 1/2 inches and mark it with my chalk And Because the edge is even I’m just going to mark it and then just cut it off It’s all the same length Because you cut off an inch and a half now you’re gonna have to cut that split up an Inch and a half to make sure that there’s going to be space for the placket And You’re going to put it on in the reverse order you took off the cuff Then the large part of the pocket the small part of the pocket now We’re going to put the small part of the placket on first You saw how I use the big piece first because I wanted to make sure I Am putting the small piece on the proper side on the correct side And when you put this small piece on the top of the Placket piece should be more narrow than the bottom part so that when you stitch it The underside will get caught in the stitching as well So that parts on now, I’m going to put the large piece back on On this one I like to use pins because I have to go to the I have to sew up the side to the end and then come back around and I would rather put my time into making sure They get it right the first time rather than have to Take those stitches out and redo it because my philosophy is Do it right the first time and you? Won’t have to redo it and it’s just more efficient that way Okay on this part Because you have to sew to the end and come around just be aware of The rest of the sleeve that it doesn’t get caught underneath Because it’s a drag having to take those stitches out again Okay, it looks good now. I’m going to put The cuff on now, I’m starting on the right sleeve because Towards the other end of the cuff I’m gonna have to put two pleats in there And it’s easier to figure out how much you need to pleat if you start on the right sleeve so right here I’m gonna pin this and I’m gonna Put the pleats in after that I have to take out that whatever fabric is left and make the pleats then I will measure these pleats mirror them on to the other sleeve and That way I won’t have to Sew it and then possibly have to take out stitches again, I’ll just know how big the pleats need to be And make sure you get all those threads off In here I’m lining it up, and I’m rubbing the chalk in the buttonhole so I can mark where the button needs to go back If you liked this video or if you find it helpful I would appreciate it if you would like it give it a thumbs up share it leave a comment and Be sure to hit the bell because I will be posting other videos For alterations for men And it just really helps me When I can get these videos in front of people who can really use them I get the views They get the skills it just works for everybody This is really an easy Alteration once you get the hang of it and one sleeve takes me about 20 minutes Thanks for watching and have a great day

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  1. As a beginner I liked your use of that ruler (bone folder?) as a pinning guide, and also rubbing the chalk through the button hole to mark the position for the button, thank you.

  2. I really love the idea of fast forwarding the video and going straight to the point without any boring moment. Simple and straight!

  3. This was a terrific video! Thank you! I have not performed this alteration before and you have made it easier to understand.

  4. Thank you! I've just watched a longer video on this subject that didn't remove the packet and re-position, as you did. Plus you method of re-attaching the cuff much simpler and appears to be easier to do. I have short arms & too long sleeves have plagued me all of my life. Now, I know how simple it is to correct. Again, thank you. Subscribed.

  5. I repair sewing machines for a living and I absolutely love to watch top quality tailors at work excellent video! Nigel .Uk

  6. sometimes getting a fresh shirt out of the package the sleeves are 1 1/2" to 2" too long. it's a little bit of work, but the results are great. Thank-you.

  7. Follow up, I watched your video first then several others, and yours is by far the most professional. A couple actually didnt even move the placket, just cut the desired length from the sleeve, the sewed the cuff back on. Thanks so much!

  8. Thank you so much for doing a straight forward and simple video. Been trying to figure out how to shorten shirt sleeves forever now. Going to go have to buy some cheap shirts to practice on.

  9. Excellent video. I have done this countless times, but you are so much more efficient than I am! Thank you for posting this video!

  10. Very nice tutorial. i just want to see better how did you saw the top part of the placket that is very difficult to get through with the machine

  11. Thank you! I have been trying to find a video that is easy to follow. Your video is straight forward and easy to understand.

  12. Great video very professional and meticulous work thanks for the info. I'm a professional mass production garment cutter and recently got into altering my own clothes, thanks for sharing I'm looking forward to learn more techniques from your channel, cheers from California.

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