How To Shorten Cuffed Shirt Sleeves

How To Shorten Cuffed Shirt Sleeves

The sleeves on this dress shirt need to be shortened. They're just too long. I mean the sleeves are ridiculously long, you can tell by how much it blouses over the cuff. And when I measure how much it blouses over the cuff, that's my measurement that I need to take off the sleeve. It happens to be two-and-a-half inches. So how am I going to do that? I'll show you how! Here's all that it is: I'll be detaching the cuff, taking out that two-and-a-half inches from here to here, and then putting that cuff back on again. One thing to consider — here's that button placket. that two-and-a-half inches brings me just past the buttonhole. That means it will all be up here in the end making for a very short placket. Not a big deal. As long as it can still be spread enough for him to get his hand through, we're good to go. There is a way to take the placket off and move it up, but it's very involved and very advanced sewing, so let's just stick with the plan at hand. So I'm going to get ripping this cuff off now. I recommend just doing one sleeve at a time, don't you detach both cuffs at once, especially when you're new at this because sometimes it can be confusing — Oh, which cuff went on which sleeve, okay? I'm going to mark my two-and-a-half inches from above the old stitch line making my measurement closer to three inches. I need to be above this buttonhole. That's the new seam line. I want to measure out a little ways for the cutting line, a quarter-inch. A-cutting I go on the cutting line. Button off. It surely popped off, didn't it! Time to get that cuff right back on there. So making sure that you didn't get turned around or anything, match up like with like, meaning buttonhole with buttonhole, and we're going to get it right back on there. See how I captured both edges first. Now just neatly go along and sandwich the shirt into the cuff up to the chalk mark, making sure that you catch the underside really well. Here we are so far. We've caught up to where the shirt pleats. They need to end up looking something like this and they face in towards the placket. So just kind of finger in, kind of finger press in one pleat, capture it, the other pleat and capture it. Here's the new cuff compared to the one that isn't finished yet. Nothing stopping you now from doing this for yourself. Good job! Become a Super-Hero Sewist!

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  2. Where's the rest of the video ? obviously the sleeve is wider now, do you cut it? Or make pleats to adjust to the cuff ? Thanks for the info.

  3. This is great, thanks! I'm really short (5') and when I buy a shirt–even if it's sized petite–the sleeves are several inches too long.

  4. do you know any other trick without cutting the extra fabric from the shirt? i think this one is much time consuming…

  5. Thank you so much  for this very helpful video, I've at last managed to shorten the sleeves of a shirt for my hubby. I did miss the underside a little but went over the stitching again from that side. I think if I had to do another I would tack (UK term) baste (US) the underside if possible first

  6. Thank you for this quick tutorial! I did it thanks to this. Of course I jad removed both cuffs knowing they needed to be removed to shorten. Lol🤦🏻‍♀️. But thankfully I had just removed one and pinned each to its proper side. New sub! I am loving buying high end shirts at the thrift store and altering them to fit me. I usually sew bags and quilts! Thank you 🙏🏻 🙋🏻💕 PS. I can’t seem to find how to make an easy button hole – please, please, please a tutorial!

  7. You explained that so well and made it look so easy! I'm ready to give this a try with my hubby's new shirt.

  8. Hey Phyllis.  Thank you for a great video.  I have a lot of long sleeve shirts that are too long so this will be perfect.  Is there a way to shorten the cuff so that it fits the wrist better?  Is there a way to convert it to a French cuff?  Thank you.

  9. I purchased some oversized men's plaid shirts & the sleeves are ridiculously long. I'm so going to use this to shorten them since I hate rolling them up. Thanks for the video!!!

  10. As a beginner, I liked your use of the word "capture" and the direction of your pinning for those pleats, thank you.

  11. Thank you for showing this, I will use this method when I change the length of shirts and blouses with too long sleeves!

  12. Thank you ver much for this tutorial. I would like to monogram a cuff for my daughter's shirt. Your tutorial made it possible. Again, I appreciate your expertise!

  13. You should show us where you take the gauntlet placket off and reattach it. In your other video where it's a full tutorial, you also don't do this. It'd be nice to see the total job with the most details. Other than that, very clear and concise tutorial.

  14. I have a question: my daughter is very slim and she hates wearing jeans. How can I take in Leggings with an elastic waistband, like the ones from old navy? We love the prints and I am only a beginning sewer, so I rather work with leggings than make my own. Thanks so much. (She is size 6, but waist of a 4 year old)

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