How to Spot Quality Dress Shoelaces

How to Spot Quality Dress Shoelaces

Hi, I’m Kirby Allison, and here at The Hanger Project, we love to help the well-dressed
take care of their wardrobes. In this video, I’m going to talk to
you about the importance of quality dress shoe laces and discuss the various different
styles of Sovereign Grade laces we have here at The Hanger Project. If you have any questions or comments during this video please
ask them in the comments section below. I get back to all of those questions
personally. Laces are to a shoe what buttons are to a jacket. Often ignored, they have a disproportionately
important effect on the overall look of a pair of shoes. Simply replacing a pair of tired shoe laces can immediately refresh the look of a pair of shoes. Shoe laces should also be
periodically inspected and replaced frequently in order to ensure that they do not
break. Inevitably, Murphy’s Law will have it that your shoe laces only break while traveling the morning of an important meeting. One of the most important
characteristics of a really fine shoe laces that it
is made from 100 percent cotton. The reason that is important is
because cotton allows for a finer strand that gives a shoelace more finesse and elegance. Although synthetic shoe laces are
often stronger they just don’t have the same level of finesse and elegance of a proper cotton
shoelace. All of our Sovereign Grade shoe
laces are made in Northampton by the same
company that provides shoe laces to the
majority of the fine British shoe making
firms. Second, and one of the most
overlooked characteristics of a quality
shoelace is that it must be available in
multiple lengths. Here at The Hanger Project, we have up to four lengthhs to our
shoe laces. We have a 60 centimeter version for two-eyelet Derbys. We have a 75 and 80 centimeter length for five and six eyelet shoes and then we have a 120 centimeter lengths for boots. Being able to choose between a 75 or an 80 centimeter length will
ensure that if you have larger shoes, you don’t end up with really short lace ends. Conversely if you wear a smaller shoe, like a size 8, 9, 9 and a half, being able to lace your shoes with the 75 centimeter shoelace will ensure that you don’t end up with shoelace ends that are too
long. You can see on these six eyeletlid
size 12 and a half shoes that the 75
centimeter laces are really too short. But the 80 centimeter laces leave a nice kind of loop and end. Those five centimeters really do make a difference in the look of
your shoe which is why we carry both 75 and 80 centimeters lengths. And lastly it’s important to have
access to a variety of styles and colors of shoelaces. Now we have colored shoelaces which
we’re not covering in this video, but here you can see our full
collection of just black and dark brown shoelaces, and you can see that we have a lot. Depending on the particular
aesthetic of a pair of shoes, you might want a flat waxed cotton shoe lace or an unwaxed round cotton shoelace or it might be up to completely personal preference of which type of
shoe lace you prefer. And that’s why here at The Hanger
Project, we have one of the largest
collections of Sovereign Grade Shoe Laces available
anywhere in the world. There are four fundamental
characteristics of a shoe lace. First and foremost is the color: black, brown, or the variety of fancy colors we
have here at The Hanger Project; The length of the shoe lace, whether or not the shoe laces waxed or on waxed, and lastly whether or not it is flat or round. Without question one of the most
classic shoe laces and certainly one of our best
sellers here at The Hanger Project is our round wax shoelace. Our waxed round cotton shoelace is available in 60, 75, 80, and 120 centimeter lengths. It is an incredibly elegant shoe
lace that is perfect for almost all shoes. Now, we just recently added an unwaxed version of that same shoe lace. An unwaxed cotton shoe lace is actually John Lobb of St. James’s preferred style for all of their shoes. And speaking with some of the older
people in the shoemaking industry, what they say is that oftentimes
they prefer an unwaxed cotton shoelace because the friction of the unwaxed cotton actually helps keep the shoelace tied throughout the day. Next we have our flat waxed cotton shoelace. Now this is a shoe lace that in most
circumstances lends itself to a slightly more
casual shoe. And it’s something that I enjoy to
use on my derbies and other shoes that I might more
frequently wear on the weekends. And lastly a style that is
completely unique here at The Hanger Project, is a narrow flat waxed
cotton shoelace. Now unlike our standard flat wax cotton shoelace, which is three and a half to four millimeters of
width, this shoe lace is woven to be two and a half millimeters wide and actually gives it a more formal look. I first discovered this shoe lace
whenever I received my wholecut seamless Oxfords from George Cleverley that came with an incredibly elegant and narrow flat waxed cotton shoelace. I couldn’t find the shoe lace
anywhere and whenever I reached out to
Cleverley, they thought it might have been an
old archival stock of shoelaces that they had in the workshop. So I reached out to our shoelace
manufacturer and we were able to reproduce that
shoelace and I couldn’t be more happy with the result. It is an incredibly elegant and very formal flat wax cotton shoelace. As you can seem here at The Hanger
Project, we have an incredibly diverse
selection of Sovereign Grade dress shoelaces and I would argue that we probably
have one of the most comprehensive available anywhere on the Internet and that’s because The Hanger
Project, we love to help the well-dressed
take care of their wardrobes, especially their shoes. If you have any questions or
comments about anything I discussed in this video, please ask them in the comments
section below. I get back to all those questions
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25 Replies to “How to Spot Quality Dress Shoelaces”

  1. Hi Kirby,
    I have some white scuffs on my black patent leather shoes. Is it possible to get rid of them?
    Thank you for your videos!

  2. You stated that people in the industry prefer unwaxed because the friction keeps the shoes tied.  Have you thought about making a combination where 90% of the lace is waxed but only the part that would be in the knot would be unwaxed?

  3. Kirby, love the videos! Thanks for putting them out.

    Question: Have you come across leather shoe laces? I noticed a pair on an Italian made site recently that were quite eye catching.

  4. Hi Kirby, I have a question I hope you can answer.
    I own a pair of brown dress boots with darker tones on the broguing and wingtip, after using them for some time this darker tones have diminished and I wonder How can I restore that finish? And how are this types of finishes should be shined.

    (Sorry if I messed up my English)

  5. Right about waxed shoelaces coming loose. On my Berluti shoes which come with waxed laces as standard, I find that a double knot needs to be tied to prevent this happening. I am still trying to learn the Berluti way of tying knots.!  Then again my Artioli shoes have faux shoelaces so tying is not an option or a problem!!

  6. Your shoelaces are outstanding in terms of quality and style, no doubt. I’ve bought a few pairs along with many other shoe care products. I wish though that you did offer 90 cm length, as the 80 could be short on a 6 eyelet AE….

  7. is it ok to use flat ones for a Derby? if so, would the narrow one be ok? I have a Black Derby with cap toe, I replaced its lace for a thinner (round) and better quality one making a huge difference in this appearance. I want to increase its look which is already relatively formal.

    ps: flat ones do look awesome on oxfords/wholecuts.

  8. I was going to order them 2 days ago. Beautiful $8 laces. Very reasonable. But, you also charge $8 for shipping…

    I assume you use flat rate shipping. But the postage for laces are probable the cost of 1 or 2 postage stamps. Either way, should be about $1. Perhaps I’ll have to order them the next time I need cream and wax polish to make the shipping cost more efficient

  9. Hi Kirby,
    I have a pair of Florsheim dress shoes (black) and the (synthetic) shoe laces are coming apart.
    I have searched the stores, the Malls, etc. to no avail. The lace measurement for my dress shoes is 32". I would like to replace with 100% cotton (un-waxed). Can you assist?

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