How To Spray Matte Black Paint – Single Stage Paint Without Clear Coat

How To Spray Matte Black Paint – Single Stage Paint Without Clear Coat

Hey, this is Donnie. In this video we’re going
to show you how to apply, how to spray a matte black. What’s recommended by
this paint manufacturer is to put a full wet coat
on, followed by a medium wet. Now the reason you do that, you
want the correct mils on there, the correct thickness. So the first coat,
you’re gonna get that. You’re gonna put it on
real thick so that you have enough mils
that’s recommended. But if you do that, you may
have a chance of it striping, or not drying evenly. That’s why you come
back with a second coat. The second coat is designed
to go on real even. You don’t put it
on quite as wet. You just put it on nice and
even over the entire panel so that you don’t
get the striping, so that it dries even. So we’ll go ahead and do that. First we’re gonna do
the full wet coat. When I sprayed the sealer,
if you watched that video, I’m gonna do my
edges first, then I’m gonna follow by doing the
main portion of the panel. So we’ll go ahead and do that.

50 Replies to “How To Spray Matte Black Paint – Single Stage Paint Without Clear Coat”

  1. It looks great but how durable is the matte finish compared to a paint job with a couple coats of clear on top?

  2. That is a good question! This is a single stage paint, which means it has the chemicals in it for durability and UV protection. However, I think a base coat/ clear coat system is going to be more durable in my opinion. I had several students use it on completes, but I have not had the chance to see what the paint looks like after a few years yet, as this is the first year we have used it.

    The Paint is called Hot Rod by Keystone Automotive. It cost around 100.00 for 1 gal and 1 qt kit.

  3. Try this number I found online (1-866-353-9786) They can give you the closest store to you. Thanks for watching!

  4. They also have a matte clear out there in the world, its just like varnish/stains for furniture, it don't have to be shiny!

  5. it's durable as a 2K paint i think..At the shop for making a matt paint i take for exemple a basic 2K black and put in matt additive 2/1 mixed and then mix it with hardner normaly so i think if it's the same product,it will have the same durability depends of the quality and products 2K/1K

  6. Thanks so much for the video! Its really hard to find good information for painting vehicles! It seems like all the information I can ever find is "spray the primer, sand, spray the base, wait, spray the clear, sand" and no details beyond that. This information is incredibly helpful and I appreciate you showing how to do some of this.

  7. No, this is a single stage, which does not require a clear coat. There is also a matte clear coat if you are wanting to use a clear coat.

  8. @ butlercollision.. what would u recommend ? using a single stage or spraying a matte clear coat ? whats the difference? whats the cost of single stage paint and then the cost of using clear? is single stage ready to spray or u have to use special reducer for it?

  9. The single stage is going to be cheaper, as you do not have to apply clear coat. The single stage does require a catalyst. For more information visit CollisionBlast(dot)com/matte

  10. They do make a few other colors, but if you're spraying different colors, I would use the matte clear. I just played around with black, silver, gray, and pearl white to see what it looks like. Sprayed half with gloss and half with regular clear on a test panel. It looks really good.

  11. I think most lines of paint should have their version of matte clear. I do not know for sure, but I bet Dupont does.

  12. Hi Butlercollision,
    I live in Canada with extreme Winter and I really want to have my car get full re paint – 2000Nissan Maxima – with plastidip technology which is I just heard last few days.
    How long those paint will last ? Is that paint will safe if I take to car wash ?
    What kind of stage matte paint I should ask my car paint shop to have good result and how much it would cost me to get good one ? either glossy one or the one from your video.

    Cheers from British Columbia

  13. I have tried the plastidip on a different channel. However, I just used it to cover an emblem. It worked, but I have necer coated an entire car with it. There are videos that claim it works, but I can not personally say if it does or not.

  14. How quickly does this or any other single-stage matte dry to 'tack-free?' In other words, how forgiving is it of bugs & crap that I can expect to drift in, working as I will be, without a booth? And when/if something lands in the wet paint, can it somehow be color-sanded out, or otherwise spot-repaired to minimize? Would that be easier with the 2-stage version?
    I'm not looking for perfection, but can't get this job into a booth…

  15. That is one bad thing about matte and flat colors. Both single and base clear can not be sanded and buffed. If you do, it will shine in the areas where you buff….unless you want a custom effect like in this video. However, if you are wanting the flat color, what you see is what you get when done spraying. With that said, dust will not show up near as bad with flat colors like it does with gloss colors. Thanks for watching!

  16. good day

    can you explain please what is a wet and medium coat ?

    thank you so much for your videos

  17. weird question but please reply. im painting my tank, rear and front fender matte black and was wondering if you can put me in the right direction of a good spray can that could do the trick. also, for the parts of the motor that get hot, what type for that as well? thanks for the vidd. very helpful.

  18. Hi. Nice video. But will it be fine without the clear coat? Do I just haft to do another layer of the matt to make it durable? Cause I don't want it to fall off when washing the car in the carwash. 

  19. that second coat looked kinda dry to me. when i do flat finishes i like to use flat clear. sometimes flat single stage can be a bit porous and cause it to discolor. flat clear prevents that. it seals it up

  20. Is there a sprayer that is easy to use and doesn't make too much mess such that you can use in your garage?

  21. Hi, I have a '67 Buick LeSabre, I just had it sprayed in primer (sandable). How long can I drive it like this? I heard its not waterproof. Also, after it was primed, I noticed a couple more areas that needed more filler, can I just fill and go over with a rattle can of primer? Thank you

  22. Is there any way to get a nice, flat, rattle can job? I love the look of  a flat dark grey on a classic with chrome but I don't want to spend much because Ill probably go with a regular paint and finish in a year or so.

  23. One big question. I'm doing a job on a motorcycle and the paint on the bike is a metta black. I want to add some airbrush design on the tank of the bike. But I dont know what to use to protect the design from not peeling off. Just like how clean coat work.

  24. thanks for the video, but I have just one question, wath is the presure on the gage when you spray any paint? thanks.

  25. I just did my truck with this paint. Unfortunately i got alot of dust particles in it. What should i do wet sand 2500 and respray?

  26. Great video. Could you give me any tips when using a can spray paint to get an even result? I was testing around a bit with sanding wet 2500 after but that didnt work. Specifically I want to get a stripe free look and get out possible rough areas from the spray in some parts of the panel. I know its much harder with a can nozzle but maybe you can give me some tips.

  27. I am aware of the steps to properly detail a basecoat/clearcoat paint job. I'm sure the steps are different for a single stage. Is there a good product that cleans the car? Do you have to clay the car from time to time to keep contaminants from penetrating the matte? What are the special considerations taken when cleaning a single stage matte? Thanks

  28. Donnie i want to do a scuff and paint. Im looking to do a satin or matte black. Would you recommend base coat / clear coat, or single stage, and why?

  29. I want to give my bike this new Matte Black Spray, But my one point is a few days after the paint works it looks great, but wear off and turn Pale black , So I want to know Can I mix matte black with some clear coat and spray to get little gross in my paint job instead a flat black paint which does not look glossy

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