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  1. The way I was taught, you need to straighten the ends to straight of grain before you do the fold thing. If the ends are straight of grain and there is a pucker on the fold, you then need to stretch on the bias to get it square. If the ends are not on straight of grain and you do the fold thing like in this video, you really are not square on the grain. I would not "square" fabric this way without making sure ends are straight of grain first.

  2. Hi Leah, quick question – is squaring up fabric the same as finding the straight of grain? Sometimes, I do the fabric wiggle and get it right and other times, my strips still come out with a slight "v" in them. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  3. Hi! Thanks to you, I now know how to square fabric! So I can cut fabric correctly now! Thanks a million! 😎

  4. @eblankets it would fold like she demonstrated then put the fold edge on one of your horizontal lines on your cutting mat then put right edge of fabric along a vertical edge.on the cutting mat and put.your ruler along the edge lining up with the edge of that vertical line on the cutting mat and cut. then i would carefully flip the fabric so.the other.side is lined up to.a vertical line on mat and cut. then your ready to cut. ex 2 1/2 strips or ect. does that make sense and im a beginner but thats what i do. i have a mat 35×23 and a ruler 6 1/2 x 24 1/2 which is perfect for yardage and ruler fits perfectly with cutting mat vertically.

  5. How do you square up large quantities of yardage? like if I'm cutting stips from 3.5 yard of fabric….should I just cut it into 1 yard increments? or is there a way you can do it to the whole 3.5 yards?

  6. I don't quilt–but this has been sooo helpful nonetheless!  I came here because I'm trying to make a baby blanket and hadn't been able to cut a perfect rectangle from the wonky fabric I got.  Thanks for the clear instructions.

  7. I've been doing this for years but I surely thought there was a better way. I'm so happy to know that I am doing it right! Thanks for your instructions!!

  8. I am glad I came across your video. Otherwise, I would not have known about this very important step in prepping my fabric. I do hope my question will not annoy you, I am new to this hobby. Is it better practice to have the folded side of the fabric towards yourself and cut that way only? thank you kindly.

  9. It depends on what you can comfortably work with. I like to work with 1 1/2 yard at the most when I'm working on a big project. Yes, I know that might seem wasteful to cut your yardage up just to square it, but once squared, it will be so much easier to work with. All those long selvage to selvage strips can easily be cut off grain and totally ruined, so my advice would be to cut down your giant piece of fabric into 4 easy to manage pieces.

  10. Any suggestions on longer lengths of fabric; 2-3-4 yards? If I plan to cut many strips from a 4yd piece (for example), would you suggest cutting it into shorter lengths (maybe 1yd lengths?) to begin with- to square up the fabric? It seems this would waste a fair amount of fabric…? I am doing a large-scale service project; using many selvage-to-selvage strips. Any suggestions would be dearly appreciated! Teresa

  11. That´s precious. I´ve been told to press the fabric very hard and I couldn´t understand why. For me it would be difficult to undo the line made by the iron in the fabric if I needed to.
    Thank you so much! You´re a fabric life saver!
    That´s great.

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