How To Stitch Letters Onto Fabric

How To Stitch Letters Onto Fabric

hi i'm danielle from DJ cool beer koozie UK and today i'm going to show you how to apply coitus this liter is a 300 point p from the word processing program on my computer so very easy to make if you're going to make smaller or more complicated letters as these ones you may want to use a fusible web and you won't need to sew the edges see so you will want to have your paper piece and have it cut out so you want to place it face down so that it's the wrong way so when you flip your liter is the right way out so you want to square it up as well as you can the middle you want to fold and half cut from near up to the corner but be careful not to cut too far and folding the fabric over making sure to keep the nice sharp edge of the paper so going in to the corner where it's going back down the stem of the letter of the pea cut on an angle making sure not to cut too close to the edge continue taking round there is your tech P ready to be sewn on to its background you take some pins square it up so once that letter is pinned to the background you want to start to applique it and I classify this is invisible because the stitches as hidden as possible if you're starting with the knot at the back you want to come up right on the edge minimal few threads of the P going back under taking a few threads of the backing and coming back up on to the P and continue around okay so I have finished applique narrator so when you have appliquéd all your letters you can then remove the tacking stitch so easiest way is to probably use a pin and just pull it out I have completely sewn around so I can't remove the paper from the front but if you would not like to have flip back if before you finish stitching on the back you remove the tacking and the paper and then finish sewing a key code and you can pull the prefer and that's how to applique letters

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  1. This is good tutorial, but what happen at the back side when you wash it? How to seal the cutted fabric? it threads may come out that way

  2. Shite mate, thanks so much. I'm going to make a hoodie and was wanting to add some detail and this is going to help alot.

  3. Great video but I would like to know how to stitch it directly onto a t shirt. Any videos like that?

  4. Check out my custom made Greek Letter shirts!

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