Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing good. Today I’m back with a new styling video. This time, we’ll deal with the one and only little black dress. The LBD. The black dress. Personnaly, I think a black dress is a basic. to have in one’s wardrobe. An essential. It goes with everything. And it can be worn on every occasion to be honest. For a night out, to the office, To go to class, To a dinner… Even to a funeral. So it’s really versatile. It can be worn anytime and anywhere. So today I’m going to show you 4 ways to wear a black dress for fall. So yes, summer is coming to its end finally. I can’t wait to wear winter clothes, like boots, knitwear, hats, jackets. All of it. So excited for the jackets and the coats. And to wear makeup without it melting out, and making me a sweating moustache. It’s the dream. And I can’t wait for fall and winter. Might be the only one. But can’t wait. Anyway, enough talking, let’s get into it. First thing first, let me show the star of this lookbook, my black dress. This one is a wrap style dress from Mango. It’s a short one but not too short either. Really versatile as you’ll see. Let’s see now how we can style it. First outfit, I’m adding this edgy vibe. That I really like during fall but also winter. So I have this ankle boots with studs from Parfois. Bought them last winter. They go with absolutely everything. Specially when you have a girly look, it adds a nice contrast. And it makes a romantic but edgy look. To keep my edgy vibe, I’m wearing my leather jacket. This one is my favorite and it’s from Zara. Bought it 2 years ago but I’m sure they have a similar one this season. And finally, I add my favorite bag from Maje Of course I’m wearing tight as it’s a must for the colder month. I don’t really like heavy thick and heavy tights, so this one are perfect. And they were a bargain, got them for 2.- from the Migros and they last for forever, I swear. Second outfit, I don’t know about you but during fall and winter, I love layering. So I love to add more and more layer to an outfit. First to stay warm but also because it looks nice as it gives more texture to an outfit. So I’m wearing this grey cardigan from New Look, I also add a headband to accessorise a bit. Saw some really nice ones at Zara the other day, they had this perfect velvet materiel and I think they’ll look great with this outfit. And I keep my Maje bag that I love. Specially because of this suede material that gives more texture to the look. Of course, I had to show you an office option. So keeping the same dress, I only added a Mango blazer. Some nice mocassins from H&M. And now we have a more work appropriate look. And if you are brave, you can wear some heels that will look really chic. But as you know, I rarely wear heels, so I won’t even bother if it’s only to go to work. Last one is a night look, for my lazy girls. Or the one that don’t have much time to get ready, or don’t know what to wear. Doesn’t matter if you have a dinner, a date, a club night. A black dress is always a nice option, we can do a lot with it. So here I’m wearing heeled boots from Zara. And as I said with a black dress if you have nothing to wear, you always have something to wear. It’s quick, it’s easy. With this I’m wearing my Gucci dupe belt from H&M. My leather jacket, a little bag and a red lips. Et voilà for my night look. Easy, quick and comfortable. Well comfortable, I might lied a bit as I’m wearing heels. But as long as we don’t walk 10km and don’t stay up all night, I think it’s fine to wear heels once a year. That’s it for this fall lookbook. I hope you liked it. As always, let me know in the comment which look was your favorite. By the way you can see all my outfits on my Instagram where I post often. You can find me here. And if you liked this video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and to subscribe. I post a new video every sunday. So, see you next time, bye-bye.


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