How to style basics | Cardigans | Lookbook

How to style basics | Cardigans | Lookbook

24 Replies to “How to style basics | Cardigans | Lookbook”

  1. I tried the first one and it looked so good. I never thought i could use my cardigan that way! Thank youuu!!!

  2. very very nice outfits!cardigans are so in fashion lately!and the way you layered it with the lace sleep dress was cool!!!waiting for new videos!!!p.s. make a video on how to style sneakers which is also a new trend! 😉

  3. The first look really had me star eyed! I love this series and how in depth you go about the items you pick.

  4. Honestly I'm so glad I found your channel. You give the best and most detailed advice and its so helpful for young fashion lovers. Also those look book intros are AMAZING 😍

  5. I really wish it wasn’t so warm here in LA all the time, I love your layered looks so much but never have a chance to replicate. Loving your hair braided like that as well. Once again you’re kicking ass in the styling dept 🙌🏼😍

  6. Your intros are killer! Love ur vid. I also love to belt my long scarf with my cardigan ❤️🌈

  7. This is really what I mean when I say that we should be more creative with the wardrobe we already have rather than stressing out and buying new things that we don't need <3 LOVE THIS KIRSTY! <3

  8. You look so amazing! I love watching you in these great outfits 😍
    Have a nice saturday and in case you're a music addict like me, check out this cool song: Amilea – The Rules
    I think it would be soo cool as background music for one of your videos 🙂

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