How to Style & Dress Well: Fashion Mistakes & Style Tips

How to Style & Dress Well: Fashion Mistakes & Style Tips

how to style and dress well fashion
mistakes and style tips do you have trouble figuring out how to style
yourself or how to dress well fashion trends come and go and let’s face it
everyone has made fashion mistakes before we all have wondered how to style
ourselves from wondering how to stop a sweater from shredding or how to
properly tuck in our non skinny jeans into our boots we’ve all probably
wondered what to wear at one point or another and mistakenly made a fashion
faux pas without even knowing it and at the very least we have wondered why some
clothes and fashion trends accentuate other certain people’s bodies while
leaving ours looking like a box it’s not hard to figure out how to style yourself
all you just need to know is a few basic fashion tips and tricks keep watching
for some of the most common fashion mistakes people make and how to look
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life hacks fashion tips and outfit ideas from your number one bestie number
sixteen accessorizing appropriately here’s a tip on how to look stylish
always pick the accessory after you’ve picked out your outfit if you are
wearing understated clothes than a bold accessory choice suits well it’s
important to remember not to make fashion faux pas and overdo it with
accessories if you have rings bracelets earrings and a necklace on it may become
too much try for two of these options then match them so they appear the same
one common fashion mistake to avoid when it comes to necklaces is that not all of
them go with every neckline number 15 tuck properly
wondering what to wear but don’t have any shirts that you can tuck in well
there are actually many different tucking rules that apply to different
outfit ideas when wearing a fitted shirt matched with a pair of jeans or dress
pants it’s good to tuck in the entire shirt yet when wearing an a-line skirt
and a baggy shirt a knot tied at the center of the stomach works better it’s
important to remember that not all shirts need to be tightly tucked
sometimes loose is more if you like tucked in fashion trends
remember this fashion tip did you know that there is one common fashion mistake
that most people wear but if they wear it right it’s actually not a fashion
mistake at all well stick around until the very end to find out what it is
number 14 know which undershirt to wear wondering how to style yourself with a
simple sweater well a fashion trend that’s been happening for a long time
that should really be stopped is wearing a collared shirt underneath a sweater
while this look is super fashionable it causes the sweater to crease due to the
undershirt next time you wear these type of fashion trends try putting a tight
and smooth tank top between the two shirts this is sure to take out any
wrinkles that will form number thirteen cuff jeans always cuff your jeans when
wearing ankle boots uncuffed jeans take away from the design of the boots and
shorten your legs so put this on your list of fashion mistakes to avoid some
people cuff their jeans just enough so that there’s no legs showing between the
boot and the cuff to properly cuff roll the jeans a few times tightly so that
there is an inch or two of leg showing number 12 roll sleeves in the fall
long-sleeve shirts are everyone’s go-to especially button-down ones on cooler
days you can leave the sleeves down but on warmer days you can roll them up yet
many people roll their sleeves the wrong way causing wrinkles an unflattering
shape this is one of the worst fashion
mistakes you can make if you’re wondering what to wear in the colder
months make sure you roll your sleeves up correctly number eleven prevent
pillage everyone’s sweaters are subject to pillage the problem comes when no one
does anything to help prevent the pillage from happening some preventive
fashion tips are to use a lint roller before going out this will take the
majority of pillage away to continue keeping the pillage away and it take
better care of your sweater turn the sweater inside out when washing number
10 hairspray tights when wearing a skirt
shorts or a dress it’s popular to wear tights underneath it’s a great way of
keeping your legs slightly warmer on a colder day and adds a layer which gives
an outfit a fashionable look the problem is that many nylons and tights rip or
run one way to prevent these runs is to spray hairspray onto your tights make
sure to do this before putting on your tights and not while you’re wearing them
number 9 cinch cinch cinch there are certain
dresses that many women love to wear they are the ones that are looser and
appear like they accentuate your hips yet when we put them on they make us
look like we’re wearing a bag talk about a fashion faux pas instead of settling
for this bag look you can cinch the dress in the back to do so make a knot
in the front of the dress so that it appears like a built-in belt or like the
dress was already made that way which is even better this will make the dress hug
your figure and give you that look you’ve envisioned when you dress number
eight don’t be afraid of using a belt do you know how to look stylish when you’re
wearing a belt a lot of people think that wearing belts over your shirt or
dress is something we did in the early 2000s while that is true using a belt is
able to save a lot of fashion looks when wearing a dress shirt and a skirt try
adding a belt around your waist or even better when wearing a dress use a belt
hug your waist using the belt will make your outfit stand out as well as
accentuate your figure number 7 pair colors that work together this is where
a lot of people make fashion mistakes it’s hard to know what colors go well
together and it’s easy to make a disastrous mix-and-match mistake to play
it safe try the monochromatic look mix and match different shades of the same
color with everything you wear this is the way to make sure that everything
you’re wearing will match just remember to pair the outfit with a
different colored accessory number 6 think about shoes last once you have
your outfit picked out that is when you should start looking for shoes to wear a
major fashion mistake is picking out shoes you are going to wear before
you’ve picked out your outfit many shoes don’t go with many outfit ideas leading
to major fashion flaws open toe heels tend to work better with skinny jeans
shirts and dresses while boot heels go better with jeans number 5 flatiron any
and all callers for many women that wear dress blouses it’s hard to keep their
callers from creasing during the day it seems that no matter what effort you put
into keeping them straight they wrinkle anyways one surefire way to stop these
creases from happening is to flatiron your callers the night or the morning
before you wear them the temperature and steam will force the callers to stay
straight all day number four all jeans tuck into tall boots everyone faces the
challenge of fitting their non skinny jeans into tall boots the common fashion
fail is that the jeans end up being baggy near the calf area and won’t fit
inside the boot at all one way to stop this from happening is by vertically
folding your jeans and wearing high socks to trap the Jean tightly in place
this is sure to fix the stubborn fashion mistake number three double-sided tape
for buttoned outs no matter how expensive or inexpensive a button-down
shirt is there’s always the chance of those sneaky gaps have
you know which sneaky gaps I’m talking about the ones that act as a peephole
for your upper region the best way to stop this from happening is to buy
double-sided tape and place a small strip in between the buttons that will
certainly stop the gaps from forming number two
knot it another way of ramping up an outfit is by knotting a shirt rather
than tucking it if you’re wearing tight jeans leggings or skirts then knot the
top you have on you can either knot it in the back or in the front if you want
to take it to another level try knotting it on the side of your hip
this will bring dimension to your outfit and make it more eye-catching this
technique works best when you’re wearing a line skirts now that you’ve made it to
the end here is the one questionable fashion trend that may be fashionable if
you do it right number one sweatpants wondering how to
style yourself with sweatpants well it’s not easy but it is possible people will
always say that sweatpants are unfashionable but the truth is they are
the problem comes when people don’t dress them up but wear them like they
just came from the gym the next time you wear sweatpants for fashion pair them
with a nice pair of kicks and a figure-hugging t-shirt and why not throw
on a classy jacket this will surely make the sweatpants look like a must-have so
there you have it common fashion mistakes to avoid do you
have any outfit ideas or tips on how to dress well let us know in the comments
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