How To Style Graphic Tees? (Wear A T-Shirt And Look Awesome!)

How To Style Graphic Tees? (Wear A T-Shirt And Look Awesome!)

How To Wear A Graphic Tee [0:00:00] Antonio: Not, gents, as you could see, I’ve
got Ihsaan here, the Style Jumper, Ihsaan, thanks for being here. Ihsaan: Good to see you. Thank you. Antonio: Good to see you. And guys, I’ve put out videos talking about
T-shirts, but I have to admit. I’m not the biggest fan, but I know that you
guys love your graphic tees. You love T-shirts. And so, I brought in a guy that really understands
and knows this. We’re gonna break out 5 points how you can
bring graphic tees into your stylish wardrobe and how you can wear them. So, Ihsaan, let’s go ahead and— I mean,
you’re big in the graphic tees, aren’t you? Ihsaan: I love graphic tees and I think the
#1 thing you wanna think about when wearing a graphic tee is the fit. Antonio: Okay. Ihsaan: So, the fit, you wanna make sure that
it’s not too big and it’s not too long. So, you want something that’s going to be
a little contoured to your body. Antonio: Now, the second point we’re gonna
hit on is choosing the right graphic tee because there are bad graphic tees and there are good
graphic tees. What Ihsaan in your opinion makes a graphic
tee a good choice? Ihsaan: I think it’s really about a message
that you’re trying to convey. Antonio: Okay. Ihsaan: That person or that graphic is either
saying something amazing or is a great picture. Antonio: Now, you talked about how for you
the base of a good graphic tee is going to be white. It’s not gonna be necessarily tie dye. Ihsaan: Exactly. Antonio: So, tie dye may be not the best graphic
tee, but something with a white base. Ihsaan: Either white base or black. Antonio: And why? Ihsaan: Because the graphic already expresses
whatever you need to see. So, there’s no distractions. Antonio: Okay. Ihsaan: So, you’re gonna be just focused
on that graphic. Antonio: And for me, this leads us actually
to the next point and that is if you’ve got white, you’ve got black, or you have
a solid color as the base, then you can layer this. Correct? Ihsaan: Yes. You can layer it with whether it be a jean
jacket, or pullover, or blazer, or even like a knit piece like a button-up. Antonio: So, now that we’re in the point
we’re talking about how to layer a graphic tee and how to bring it in with other items
in your wardrobe, do you feel that a graphic tee by its nature being something that’s casual
you can only dress it up to a certain point? Ihsaan: I disagree. Antonio: Okay. Ihsaan: I actually think you can dress it
up a lot. You can wear a suit just with the gravity
depending upon the color. Again, if you have let’s say a white base,
then maybe you wanna go with a minimalist white sneaker and then you use your suit and
the three together is gonna be a great look for that graphic tee. Antonio: You’re bringing in an artistic—
something a bit more creative to the style. You’re wearing a suit maybe in a way that
wasn’t initially intended to be worn, but you’re making its own and you’re basically
owning this and latering it with something that’s formal, mixing something traditionally
casual to your— Ihsaan: It’s a great juxtapose between creativity
and elegance. Antonio: Next up, let’s talk about shoes. What type of shoe to wear with a graphic tee? For me, Ihsaan, it’s gonna be something casual. I just can’t imagine wearing a graphic tee
with a black Balmoral Oxford. Ihsaan: Antonio, I wouldn’t recommend that
either. Antonio: Okay. Ihsaan: What I think would be great is a minimalist
sneaker whether it be a white or a black depending upon the base of your shirt. That’s going to be key to making that graphic
pot as well as your outfit. Antonio: Now, what about a pair of Derbies
or maybe even a Chelsea pair of shoes? Ihsaan: Yeah. You can do that too. Definitely rock it with some jeans— Antonio: Okay. Ihsaan: …more so than, you know, a pair
of trousers. Antonio: Now, let’s talk about accessories. I feel with a graphic tee this is where you
can have a lot of fun, tons of options here. Ihsaan, what do you think? Ihsaan: I think you’re right, Antonio. You can do anything from your belt game. There’s a lot of colors that you can add into
that or either it be a hat that’s gonna make you look a lot more regal and sleek and
then as well as your watch because then you could play around. If your graphic tee has some color in the
graphic, then maybe you can play with your watchband and have that match as well. Antonio: I actually didn’t hear anything he
said because I just like hearing people say that they agree with me. But no, guys, Ihsaan is right on point. And gents, if you wanna get a good laugh,
go check out this video right here. It’s an old video of me trashing graphic tees. But as you can see, the problem here with
this— yeah— what I made right there is I didn’t choose the right graphic tee and
I wasn’t talking with you, Ihsaan, ‘cause I’m sure you would have steered me in the
right direction. Guys, I’m linking to Ihsaan, his channel,
and his Instagram down in the description. Go check him out. [0:04:07] End of Audio

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    Thank you
    Real man Real style~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. This is great and I totally agree!
    I love the casual graphic tee look and mixing it with the more formal suit. I wear things like that and people compliment me and I love it.

  5. Love that even it’s not your thing you are open to others perspectives and willing to learn. You just gained points with this subscriber

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  9. Ant, what about a wolf graphic T? I have a shirt with 3 wolves howling at the moon in the background. The shirt is a dark green color and the white moon makes the wolves really pop. Could I wear that with a suit?

  10. Great video and very entertaining! As a younger dude, I would always wear something on my t-shirt, but now I keep those mainly for the gym where I am working out and not concerned with style. My graphic t-shirts are minimal and have some small brand names or minor graphics. I have a few that I just cant get rid of…they have retro looking graphics and I love my sports teams. I would never wear them with anything but shorts or jeans if not in the gym….and I think women DO NOT like them….I have heard hahaha.

  11. Hey, I wanted to get your opinion (and others) on what a person should wear to a performance (both on stage and in the audience)

  12. A lot of vloggers discourage you from wearing graphic tees but I think style advice should never really be about a clothing item in and of itself. It should be about how you style it and how appropriate the overall look is for the occasion.

  13. I prefer polo shirt for casual outwear, but I use a Digimon Tee with a black jacket or navy-blue vest at times. Gotta admit it looks quite dorky.

  14. Jesus all I can say is this guy has balls to dress up that way but it looks freaking great. I might try some of these ideas. Love the colors too.

  15. Great points, except for the dressing up point. A tee with a suit is a bad enough option in my opinion. A graphic tee only makes it worse.

  16. Amazing interview! I love the transparency. It says a lot when people can openly admit they weren't a fan of a certain thing, get some knowledge of it, and grow. That's more than just cloth you put on… That speaks to the cloth you are cut from! Ihsaan Ali! BRILLIANT vantage point! You are definitely fashion forward, a true artist when it comes to fashion. Thank you both for the jewels! I will be implementing them!

  17. I have a t-shirt from Walmart that has a graphic of a bear holding a rifle and it reads=I support the right to arm bears. I get lots of positive feedback on it when I'm out and about on the weekend. But I would never wear it with a suit.

  18. Thought I'd made a huge mistake momentarily when I realized I just donated about 40 graphic rock t-shirts-but's it all good-they're all TOO BIG! I kept the ones that I must rethink if they are going to fit into my new wardrobe…

  19. Cheers Antonio & Eson graphic tees (if worn correctly) bring an extra dimension to your outfit & style 🤘🏼😎👍🏼

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  22. Sorry But no one over the age of 20 should ever wear graphic tees, You are not Batman, you are not Superman, and no one cares if you keep calm and do whatever the stupid shirt says.

  23. Ihsaans chair keeps cracking , if your over 40 and still insist on logo tees you just need to remember to stay away from any thing political or offensive images or any offensive terms or language.

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    That is by far the best graphic T eva!!!

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  26. A T-shirt with a suit? Even worse a graphic one with a suit?! NO! Hell NO! The biggest clash should be casual sport coat with a polo. Nothing more. Because if you fo further you are sending very confusing message, like I want to dress up, but I want to be extremely casual 0_0

  27. Beware grapihc content may not be suitable for all audiences. Granted, Ihsaan really pulls it off well. Compliments!

  28. A graphic T and suit is perfect for Fridays after wearing button downs and ties all week. Hey Ishaan, where can I get one those graphic T’s you were rocking? Awesome

  29. Antonio, I have slight problem: I have bought a pair of real nice sneakers but when i wear them for long period i feel my feet gets quite hot. Is that normal or what. By the way i really appreciate your awsome content so keep it up

  30. Can you do a video on how to style letterman jackets? I'm having trouble with mine and I value this channel's advice a lot.

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    thestylejumper puts it together, you will change your mind 😂😂😂.

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    Bought a Navy Blue suit today based off your recommendations. Next on my list, is a watch…
    I'm 100% into your content

  33. Well done bro…glad to see you getting credit and the shine you deserve for making the simple yet dope style choices we can all get down with. Your star is rising!!!

  34. No need to change your opinion, or make something okay, just because a lot of people wear it. Even if 80% of people wears tennis socks in sandals, it's still not okay. This video, to me, is kind of populist.
    Graphic T-shirts are for kids, and you should never wear it with a suit.

    (Big fan of the channel, but I had to comment on this – Still, everyone should be able to have an opinion, and mine is just opposite of this video)

  35. Eh?! Weren't you saying last week that t-shirts with jackets look terrible? I think graphic tees are hideous. Stick to what you believe in Antonio. Don't get sucked into fashion for ratings.

  36. I think it all depends on the occasion. A well fitting tee with a nice design or art print paired with a blazer and a nice hat is a good sharp casual look that's playful and creative – good standing out a bit at a laid-back social event.

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