How to style ONE dress for THREE different themed weddings

How to style ONE dress for THREE different themed weddings

hi guys I'm Joe bond style welcome to another one star show and today I have something really nice prepared for you guys so hopefully you'll stay tuned and watch it we are here in downtown Houston in the middle of that Houston it's the Eleanor tipsy part but the reason why I brought you guys here is because tea and I would come here at night time to shoot wedding couples you know because of picture the beautiful scallop season and at nighttime it's very very beautiful and yeah so this is where we hang out speaking of weddings and this is where I brought here this is what we're gonna talk about I would like to share with you how to wear two dresses that I've personally for my collection how to wear them different ways for different weddings there are so many kind of weddings as you know they're beach weddings there are country weddings and there are also two formal was so but you don't you don't want to buy a dress for every single wedding that you go to that's crazy so we don't want that so what we want is we you want to use one dress and salad and accessorize really to make sure that you could be able to grow them all at three different weddings so if you're interested in that stay tuned and I'll show you how you very first dress that I pick for you is the maxi dress and it's more actually one of my favorites in from this collection it's white and flowy and the perfect peach wedding dress but I think we can turn into something more glamorous and even more country as well so see – for a beach wedding attire I suggest you wear something comfortable because you'll be sitting in a Sun for a long time and you're dealing with a lot of sand I'm wearing my Milani dress with a pink belt for contrast and really comfortable gold flats to turn a dress into something more formal and glamorous we can never go wrong by adding some bling-bling I decided to wear crystal earrings and crystal studded sandals I also searched about with another pink ribbon to give it a more sophisticated and chic look I customized this dress myself and turn it into an offshore dress for adding two straps at the top part ruffles a leather belt and leather shoes automatically gave this dress and more control over the second dress is completely different from the first dress it's short and it's super bright it's made super cute they dress they come in yellow and in black I'm gonna show you the other day and how I would wear it that's right it to a different location so the desert dress is not a typical beatrice but the color is so bright and vibrant that is indeed perfect for betrayal I'm also wearing a pink ribbon in green peep-toe heels to give accents to an already very focused don't be shy to play with colors a dress like this doesn't need any limping in order to look fancier glamorous because the color is a statement by itself so in this case that's definitely more and I kept everything simple but just when it's thin gold belt and some nude cups I love fashion and I love playing around with it so in order to give this model bright yellow dress a conjugal I added a new tool atmosphere because tool is automatically associated with romance and country and let's power and they're the shoes and a couple head complete the country look I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed making this video if you liked it give any comments question in the box below and don't forget to subscribe subscribe thank you guys so much

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  1. You don’t wanna buy a dress for every single wedding…that’s craaaazzzyy!!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… love your voice for that phrase chi πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• And of course all the variations you brought ❀️ Thuong

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