11 Replies to “HOW TO STYLE SHORTS – 20 Outfit Ideas wearing shorts (Minimal Style Wardrobe) | Mademoiselle”

  1. All of these outfits are great! I feel that shorts can be such a difficult thing to style – they instantly look so casual – but you made them look so classy! (and those shorts are just the greatest).

  2. Another great video !! I love the shorts so much . So minimal yet so chic . Just great styling as usual ❤️❤️

  3. Every outfit looked amazing. Those shorts are very flattering and sometime looked like a skirt. I might have to invest in them! Thanks for sharing, loved it!

  4. Before thinking about the outfits one has still to find such a perfect pair :D. You look lovely in all of them. Thanks <3

  5. Jamie you look so damn cute in all of these looks. Thanks for the styling inspo I love shorts and you've just proved how amazingly versatile they are. Also ĺoving the video editing in this one 😍

  6. So much to absorb… I'll have to watch it again, straight away! I especially love it when you add pops of colour (even if they're muted pops) in the same pieces I have – navy or olive green jacket, bright red shoes, deep red/burgundy/ox-blood- red bags, and I even have one pale pink item in my wardrobe, a t-shirt! Having said that, you ended with a real stunner in all black.

  7. Oh I love this! Thanks Jamie, terrific content as always. I love all the looks(and great pins don't hurt) Epic effort for Every Day May – nearly there!! xx

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